New Outdoor Gym for Hungerford Primary School Pupils

Hungerford Primary School

With lots of us making New Year resolutions to get fitter and perhaps join a gym, Hungerford Primary School has continued with their commitment to improve the health and fitness of their pupils by installing a fabulous outdoor gym on their school grounds. The new, purpose built fitness area not only has a great new surface for exercising on but also some exciting gym equipment.

Class teacher and P.E leader, Christian Blair, led the project and chose the equipment that catered to developing different elements of fitness such as speed and stamina and improving “core” strength.

Mr Blair, a keen tennis player, said, “This equipment is absolutely fantastic and will really help to motivate our children to get fitter and healthier. Each piece of apparatus has been allocated different levels of challenge so the children can follow a program that suits them and they will be able to see themselves improving over time. Generally speaking, we can see that children today have a much more sedentary lifestyle and, although it’s early days yet, we are confident that the Hungerford Primary School Outdoor Gym will encourage children to think about getting out, getting fit and getting healthy”.

The children are on a rota for using the equipment at break and lunch times and it is proving very popular and it will, eventually, also become part of the school’s P.E. curriculum.

Head teacher, David Mayer, was also very pleased with this new facility. “This equipment and fitness area will provide another opportunity for children (and teachers?) to get fit and stay fit. All the children, from Reception to Year 6, already take part in a daily run around our all-weather track to keep fit and the gym provides another, different, way of tackling this issue. Chris and Lisa Eldred, the school’s business manager, have worked closely on this project to make it happen and we know it will make a big difference to our children.”

What do the pupils themselves have to say about the new gym equipment?

Oscar: “It’s lots of fun because you get to train yourself and it’s like a park and gym combined.”
Kyra: “The space walker is good because you walk or run with your friends in the same place.”
Georgina: “I like how there is a variety of equipment and everyone can share.”
William: “Because it’s double equipment you can socialize while you exercise.”
Harriet J: “I like how people can have fun while keeping active and we can go on it at break and lunch times.”


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