Love isn’t just for Valentine’s Day

Hello. My name is Emma Loveheart and as a Home Healer I specialise in clearing negative energies from homes. I work remotely by connecting to energy within a home, and using my intuition and connection to the vibration of love I am able to increase positive vibes.

Working from a place of love is very important for my work to be effective and is a space we can all connect to daily. Despite all the marketing of red hearts and tributes to love filling our shops for Valentine’s Day, which is a lovely prompt and reminder, love is something we actually ALL work with daily.

Where is the love in your daily life?

It is sometimes easy to take the good things in our life for granted. If you stop to think about the small and big things you love, your energy will be raised and you will feel good. Take time now and ask yourself what you are grateful for in this moment.

Love What You Do

Whatever your vocation there will be something about your work that you will love. We have all been given skills and abilities and these will draw us to a line of work. Whether it is helping someone else, being creative in some way, contributing to a team or being a leader, there is an element of what you do that is fulfilling to you and something you are good at. I started my career in Human Resources and then moved into healing. Although very different professions they both work closely with people which has always been very rewarding for me.

Self Love

Whether you realise it or not, there will be activities in the day where you show yourself love. It could be as simple as making yourself a cup of tea, allowing yourself some time to read, listen to music, making a healthy meal or taking a nap. We naturally look after ourselves and are best at it because we know what we want! As a real treat to yourself, try some ‘self-healing time’. Plan some time just for you. It could include some pampering such as a long bath, a long walk, or could simply be some time on the sofa under a duvet! Do what feels right for you and for as along as you can spare.

Showing Others Love

Every time you smile at another person, you are spreading the love! It is wonderful to see people smile: faces can literally light up with a smile. Thanking another driver for giving way to you is a lovely gesture, holding the door open for another is helpful, and saying thank you is warming for both parties. It doesn’t take much and you do all this daily without thinking about it.

Of course, giving gifts and sharing romantic messages on Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way to celebrate love with those closest to you and not to be dismissed. But every day with your partner or friends and family can be full of joy and the love of small moments together.

Loving a Pet

One of the many gifts a pet can offer is giving unconditional love. It is heart-warming every time I walk back into my living room to have my dog greet me with as much excitement as if he hasn’t seen me for weeks. Pets don’t hold grudges and can offer comfort in times of need. They so enjoy being loved and lap up the attention, so what better way to share tender moments than with your pet.

Loving Nature

Our natural world has so much to offer us and yet sometimes we can take it all for granted. Caring for our environment receives much media attention, and deservedly so, and anything we can do to protect the natural habitat is a good thing. I am lucky enough to have many lovely countryside walks near me which I enjoy daily on my dog walks. I am grateful for these rambling footpaths criss-crossing the woods and fields, and enjoy the seasonal changes of temperature, wlldlife, and the myriad of native plants. In return I collect any rubbish I find as I walk. It’s only a small gesture but is one of the ways I feel I can help.

Love in Our Homes

What better place to create love than in your own home. This is the very place where you can surround yourself with loving things. Firstly, making your home space safe and rejuvenating is a gift to yourself and those you live with. Having objects, including photographs, around you that bring joy lifts you every time you look at them. There may be objects that carry happy memories too. Using colour or furniture that evoke emotions such as peace or fun will make you feel good. Be aware of clutter though. Clutter is the destroyer of positive energy flow and will cause an element of stress, so keep the home free of items that you do not love or use.

Should you however feel there is some negative energy in your home causing tension or discomfort then please feel free to get in touch. I offer free assessments.

Happy raising the energy of love!

Emma Loveheart



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