Riverbank planting on chalk streams

Action for the River Kennet (ARK) is a local charity that helps look after the River Kennet and its tributaries including the River Lambourn. These chalk streams have very pure water quality and provide a valuable habitat for wildlife. There are not many chalk streams in the world and we are lucky that most of them are found in the south of England.

ARK volunteers are offering to plant flowering plants including flag iris, purple loosestrife and marsh marigold (see below) along the bank of The River Lambourn through East Garston to create more habitat for wildlife, protect against bank erosion and provide flowers for pollinators.

The volunteers will be planting on Friday 25 February 10am – 3pm and residents are very welcome to join in.

Residents (from East Garston and anywhere along the valley) are also welcome to buy plug plants to plant along the bank of their own property. ARK recommends at least 6 plugs per metre of riverbank. A tray of 84 plugs costs £46 and can be shared between a couple of residents. Please contact anna@riverkennet.org by 7 February if you would like to buy plugs for your own riverbank or make a donation to the project.

These are the native plants that thrive in water but will also survive through the times that The River Lambourn runs dry in East Garston (because at the upper end of River Lambourn it is a winterbourne which means it usually flows from February to August and is dry from September to January):

Flag Iris
Purple Loosestrife
Marsh Marigold

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