Hungerford Directory of Youth Activities

The Hungerford Directory of Youth Activities is now freely available for all. Derek Alford, representing the town council and the Youth and Community Centre, Rev Mike Saunders, Vicar for Hungerford and Alistair Mills have been working away behind the scenes trying to discover and include every activity which Hungerford offers for children or young people, and there is a lot!

Our hope is that our children and youth might discover an interest which will last a lifetime and in the process discover their core values and grow towards their full potential.

This directory is a place where you can find out what is going on. A place where there is reliable, up to date information about what’s happening, where and when, and who to contact. It was a load of work but now it is here:

Do you want to know more? Well head over to the site, it is available all the time, and is accessible from anything which connects to the internet. It works on a phone, a tablet, a computer, it even works on most TVs.

When you get to the web site, look around. If you do not find something which you are looking for, submit a request. We don’t promise to answer immediately, but we will get back to you. Of course, if you want to help, then let us know.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Revd Mike, Derek and Alistair


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