Tree Planting in Greenham

December 2021 Update

In the week before Christmas 2021, twelve young trees were planted in the front gardens of houses in Westwood Road and New Road Greenham under an ‘adopt a tree’ scheme organised by the Greener Greenham Group. All were ornamental trees (one shrub) including malus (crab apple), prunus (flowering cherry) and sorbus (rowan) species. They will make a colourful addition to the area as well as benefiting the environment.

Adam Berry pictured with his wife Steph collecting their tree, commented “Both myself and Steph like the idea of trying to increase the number of trees and the opportunity to get involved and help out by having one in our garden was great.”

This ‘streets where we live’ project was funded from donations via the Good Exchange and can be extended to other streets in the area as further trees are available for planting up to the end of March 2022. Anyone interested please contact Alison Blackborow (Tel: 07766558849 or Email:

November 2021 Update

The Greener Greenham Group were out in force again on Saturday 27 November when, despite bitingly cold winds and frequent snowstorms, over 30 volunteers came together to plant 22 trees of mixed variety on a small part of Stroud Green. The holes for the trees were dug the day before with an auger, carefully avoiding all sewer and drainage pipes. On the day expert instruction was given to all helpers and the trees were carefully planted with added compost and root improver. When finished each tree was staked and the root covered with a bio-degradable mat to keep them warm in the winter and damp in the summer.

The trees were donated by West Berkshire Council as part of their drive to green up Newbury and when more mature will add biodiversity, helping insects and birds and will also take up some of the carbon dioxide emitted by all the traffic.

On-going the trees will be looked after by the Greener Greenham Group who will take on any other ongoing maintenance.

The Greener Greenham Group, which was formed in early March 2020, consists of a few Greenham residents who are interested in looking after and improving their local environment by planting bulbs, shrubs and trees; organising litter picking events and co-ordinating individual litter picking; managing local flower beds. The main aim is to make a small difference locally in the bigger global environment picture – sequester more carbon by planting trees, providing shade, retaining moisture, attracting and providing habitat for local wildlife – also benefitting the mental and physical wellbeing of participants.

In early October 2021 we held our first community event on the same section of Stroud Green, planting spring bulbs.

For any enquiries about the group please contact Alison Blackborow on 07766558849 or


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