How to Respond to an Electric Energy Storm

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer. I work with energy in homes and in people to clear away negativity and create positive environments and individual healing.

Sometimes however, we are also pushed by outside energy influences to clear negativity out of our personal lives. We are currently being subjected to a wave of energy disruption which some spiritual teachers have referred to as the ‘electric storm’.

It started mid-November and it quite accurately describes what we are witnessing as a somewhat turbulent time. Another word might be chaotic, but we are certainly seeing this playing out in the political field for example.

Being shaken-up

Whilst I have no desire to delve into politics, the mixed messaging and unclear guidelines are indicative of the current confusion. The details of events are not relevant to make my point that the narrative keeps changing, it’s one rule for one and one rule for another and we really don’t know whether we are coming or going!

I have also seen my work with clients take a sharp increase in recent weeks where people are needing personal healing. They are feeling out of sorts, their anxiety has increased, old emotional wounds that they thought they had dealt with have resurfaced, and so on. They have reached out for help with clearing the negativity around these situations and replacing it with healing energy.

This is different to people sensing energy presence in their homes. What we are seeing with the current surge in energy is the stirring up of energies within yourself. On the positive side we are being forced to look inwardly and question what the chaos is bringing up in ourselves and what emotions we feel. Whether it is anger, grief or perhaps guilt, these are emotions that need to be acknowledged, but most importantly they need to be accepted, felt and then released. They are outdated and we are holding onto these old emotions for no benefit. It’s time to move on.

My own experience

Two weeks ago, I had my own experience of dealing with old emotions but from a current event. I was scammed for £1,200. Yes, I got it back from the bank the next day which was a huge relief but it left me deeply wounded. The question then was why had it.

There were two reasons and as a result two learnings (or healings) that I got from this:

1. I do not have £1,200 spare and losing it in that way brought up all my issues of losing money in the past. Can you believe I was still holding on to a memory where I had lost a deposit on a car (£45 in 1986!) that I felt aggrieved about? It was a fair bit of money to lose back then and I had never let that go. As a result I often felt loss over money. The scam incident made me realise I focussed on the losses rather that the gains. In truth I have gained and earnt way more money than I have ever lost over the years. Once I got through the emotional despair I realised this disparity in my thinking. I released the outdated belief and felt a huge release.

2. I trusted the person I gave my money to and to find out they were a scammer really upset me. Again this brought up old wounds where I have trusted people but subsequently been let down. I’m sure we can all relate to that but for me it was deep. I needed to understand the emotion of feeling let down was old. Even though it had happened many times to me and from people I loved, this was not my doing, I did not have to hold onto the hurt. I was able to understand and forgive myself for my emotions. After so many years, it was very liberating!


My two dogs, Lily the Collie and Jed the Beagle have been so restless these last weeks! I tried taking them on different walks, playing with them more and giving them extra attention but none of it has made a difference. Dogs and animals are always a good indication of what energies are around us as they react instantly without judgement. I believe they have been restless because of this electrical storm and like the rest of us are reacting and adjusting, but in the moment it can feel chaotic and stressful.

Positives through the chaos

Despite this chaos, my faith in good holds strong. The recent incidents in my personal life were uncomfortable but now I am out the other side I can see the learning they gave me and also the freedom I have gained from releasing old painful emotions. I know this period of time will cease eventually and in truth they are opportunities for me to get stronger!

I hope you too can see the positives through the chaos, but should you need some help clearing away negative energy, then do not hesitate to get in touch. Sometimes we have to reach out for support and there’s nothing wrong with that either. I specialise in removing negative energies whether on a person or connected to a property which can release you to achieve healing.

If you would like a free assessment please contact me via my website

Emma Loveheart


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