Collecting Crisp Packets and How to Recycle Them

It’s hard to imagine how many packets of crisps are eaten every day in our homes, businesses, schools and streets. The good news is that you can raise money for charity by recycling them.


TerraCycle is a global organisation that partners with Walkers Crisps to recycle crisp packets of all brands. They sort the packets by plastic type and extrude them into plastic pellets to make new recycled products. The metal components of crisp packets add a sparkle and strength to the pellets. Click here to learn more about the recycling process (which takes place in the same country that the packets are collected in).

The pellets are then sold as a raw material to manufacturing companies who complete the recycling journey by producing end-products like outdoor furniture and decking, plastic shipping pallets, watering cans, storage containers, flooring tiles, playground surfacing and much more.

The people who send crisp packets to TerraCycle receive money in return for a charity of their choice.

Our local TerraCycle collection points include:

• Educafe Community Cafe at The Globe’s Indoor Garden, Newbury every Wednesday 11am – 3pm. They also take foil.

• Jana Little, 3 Cowslip Crescent Thatcham RG18 4DE. 24/7 drop-off at green bin to left of house. (Raising money for Canine Partners charity)

• The Mix, Mill Street, Wantage. Please see facebook/the wantagemix for opening times. They also take sweet and biscuit wrappers. (Raising money for The Mix/Sustainable Wantage)

Supermarket Soft Plastic Collection Points

Several supermarkets now have collection points for soft plastics including plastic bags and crisp packets (but if you can keep crisp packets for TerrraCycle it does raise money for charities as well).

Crisp Packet Stacker Kits

These stackers are a convenient way to bundle your packets neatly, taking up less storage space. Each bundle contains about 200 packets. They come in an easy kit which just requires a hammer to assemble.

Cost £10 (proceeds towards East Garston Church Bell Fund)

Please order from Rebecca Gay on

Delivery of stacker kits can be arranged in the Lambourn Valley, Hungerford and Newbury.

Appeal for Wood Off-cuts

In the spirit of recycling, especially as wood is so expensive at the moment, we are asking for donations of the following to make the kits:

– 5 x 2 (at least 15cm long)
– 6 x 2 (at least 15cm long)
– right angle moulding (at least 30 cm long)
– screw-in drawer or cupboard door knobs

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