Tree Planting Success in Lambourn with Lambourn Environmental Group

The Lambourn Environmental Group has been set up to alleviate climate change, increase biodiversity and enhance the local environment. The current project is planting trees in and around the village.

A community orchard of over 30 fruit trees has already been planted on North Farm Close Open Space which is land owned by West Berkshire Council near Sheepdrove Road. They are a mixture of apple, pear and gages with the addition of a quince donated by Lambourn Cllr Mrs Elizabeth Spence who is a knowledgable horticulturalist.

Peter Kindersley from Sheepdrove has very kindly offered land near the community orchard and the Wantage Road for more tree planting to create a community woodland. 

March 2022

On 15 March Year 5 pupils at Lambourn C of E School visited North Fields to plant over 60 young trees called ‘whips’ as part of their Science week. The following day it poured with rain so the little trees were well watered! That completed our first big planting project.

The LEG volunteers who worked with the children reported that “It was a splendid example of REAL EDUCATION based on first hand experience.  The children all fully engaged and extremely well behaved and polite.  A credit to Lambourn Primary School.”

Lambourn school pupils plant trees



February 2022 Planting on Sheepdrove Field

On Saturday 12 February thirty larger trees from West Berkshire Council for the Queen’s Green Canopy Project were planted by 17 willing volunteers from the village. The weather was dry with a bitter wind but then the rain the following day watered them in nicely.

A big thanks to all the supporters of this great ‘green’ community project. A special thank you goes to Paul Hendry from West Berks Council and district councillor Howard Woollaston for his help with the negotiations for the trees and to Mike who works at Sheepdrove who transported trees, compost, stakes etc to the site and stayed all morning working hard.

Thank you to Oliver Steed for the photography (see more photos on here).

January 2022 Planting on Sheepdrove Field

Thanks to all the volunteers who turned up on Saturday 29 January to plant 500 whips on Sheepdrove Field. The weather was kind and it took less than 2 hours as about 40 people turned up to help.

400 whips (saplings) provided by the Woodland Trust included hawthorne, birch, goat willow, crab apple and oak. The Women’s Institute also contributed 100 trees in celebration of their centenary.

West Berkshire Council are also donating 55 larger trees as part of the national Queen’s Green Canopy Project to help protect the small trees. 

Access is allowed from three points.

1) North Farm Close Open Space and along the bottom of Sheepdrove Field, parallel to the Wantage Road (B4001)
2) At the top of Sheepdrove Road via the footpath, next to Highfield House, along the top of edge of Sheepdrove Field and then down by the hedge.
3) Up Sheepdrove Road, second opening into Sheepdrove Field beyond the mobile phone mast. Along the hedge to meet the footpath by Highfield House then down. 


N.B. It is important that any vehicles are parked with consideration, avoiding North Farm Close. Thank you. 
North Farm Close is at the bottom left hand corner. Planting areas marked in red and blue.

Blossom in Spring – Prunus Tai Haku

We were lucky to receive 5 of the 250 Prunus Tai Haku being shared throughout West Berks as a legacy following the covid pandemic and retirement of Chief Executive Nick Carter. 

On Saturday 11 December 2021 ten robust diggers aged between 14 and 80 years old spent the morning planting them at the foot of Northfield opposite North Farm Close, on the Wantage Road on the outskirts of Lambourn.
We hope that they will thrive and make a real impact on that corner as you come into the village.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive more information about future planting, please email:
To hear more from the organisers Penny Brewer and Ruth Andreski, listen to their interview with Penny Locke here (From 4 mins 10 secs)
If you would like to see how Woodland Trust suggest the planting here is a link to their video:

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