Introduction to the Ancient Art of Dowsing

I remember the time I first picked up a pendulum and asked for a yes and it started swinging clockwise without me moving. Needless to say I was amazed. All I could think of was how much I wished I had known about this before and all those questions I could have asked.

But once you get passed the initial adoration of being able to get answers to your questions, you start to understand it doesn’t always work because you can’t ask questions of the future and you have to ask questions in a certain way to get a true answer.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I specialise in moving unwanted negative energy from a home and one of the techniques I use is dowsing with a pendulum to clear. The pendulum acts as a connection between yourself and the universal energies which guide you when you ask for something.

There are different tools that can be used for the ancient art of dowsing and it really depends on what you want to dowse for. Many people use dowsing rods to search for things not seen by the naked eye, such as ley lines or water sources, or even lost objects, as well as yes/no answers.

The possibilities are boundless, but every dowser will develop their own unique style and strength with how they use dowsing, and it is important to follow what feels right for you. I started with a crystal pendulum but you can actually dowse with anything on the end of a piece of string. Currently I use an omega egg (above) because I understand that energetically the connection through the egg shaped pendulum is clearer than using a crystal that is pointed, and since most crystal pendulums seem to be pointed I use the egg. Any pointed objects have a ‘stabbing’ energy which can imbalance the signal coming through.

How to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to establish how your pendulum behaves when it gives a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. So you ask for a yes and wait to see how the pendulum moves. This is similar to divining rods crossing when you are over water. The crossing signifies a ‘yes’ answer to your question: is there water here?

To start, hold the pendulum out in front of you and ask a questions such as ‘am I female?’ If you are female, then the way that the pendulum swings (clockwise or anti-clockwise) signifies the ‘yes’ response. You can then ask the opposite question (eg ‘am I male?’) and the pendulum should swing the other way. If it doesn’t swing at all then you are blocking and you can try another time or work on clearning your mind.

I remember getting conflicting yes/no answers when I first started practicing and soon learnt the common mistakes made trying to dowse:

  • Do not have legs or arms crossed as this blocks the energy
  • Do not rest your arm holding the pendulum on anything as this acts as a diversion for the energy
  • Trust your first answer!
  • Free your mind and do not anticipate the answer

The real key to dowsing I have found is the skill of emptying your mind. The main block to dowsing is your mind taking over and providing the answer. This is why it is always harder to get answers when dowsing for yourself as you have a personal agenda for the outcome whether you admit it or not.

A good way to start is to ask questions for someone else or ask about something you are not emotionally attached to.

How to use Dowsing

You can ask to locate something, get percentage readings or for yes/no answers.

The first universal rule is to ask permission to dowse. Once you know your yes and no, you ask Can I? May I? Should I dowse?

If ever you receive a no, you do not carry on. In my time as a dowser, it is rare to get a no, but when it happens you have to accept it. You can sometimes find out why by asking the right questions but it is not always clear and perhaps you do not need to know why. We are only vessels for the messages coming through dowsing and occasionally have to accept there are other factors involved we do not know about.

Blink Dowsing

Over time I have developed other dowsing techniques to help reduce my mind interfering with the answer and get to an answer faster. I was lucky to learn of ‘blink’ dowsing from the late Christopher Strong as one of those techniques. I have two blinks for a yes and one blink for a no. I find the response is so quick, I don’t have time to put in any judgement and when needing a quick answer I will resort to blink dowsing.

Wrist Dowsing

Another quick technique I use is my wrist. Holding my arm out loosely in front of me at a right angle, if my hand falls to the right it is a yes and if it falls to the left it is a no. This took me some time to master but improved with practice. I would return to my trusted swinging clockwise yes and swinging side to side no with a pendulum to be sure. However, I learnt 2 years ago that my yes and no had changed with the pendulum which I found quite confusing so it was time to move on, and now I will use my wrist all the time for a yes or no response. It is quicker and more discreet, especially if you happen to be in public!

How I Use Dowsing

I use dowsing to clear energies by using the pendulum to signal the start and end of what I have asked it to clear. I also use dowsing for yes/no answers.

For my healing work however, I use the egg pendulum. I must clarify here that I do all my work remotely so never actually visit a home. I use dowsing to activate certain elements of clearing or healing within a home and know the work is complete when the pendulum stops swinging.

Working this way for many years I am aware of the swing changing or being faster or slower at times and this is an indication for me that something else is happening. Sometimes it can swing fast and furious as if it is clearing a lot of energy. Other times it can be sluggish and this usually indicates to me there is some other energy to be worked on.

So I have learnt that dowsing is very individual and lots of practice will develop your connection to the source of energy that comes through to your dowsing method. I have seen it change over my 10 years, I have felt it get stronger, my answers have got quicker, I can feel when there is another message to come through and ask appropriate questions. It has become a trusted friend and ally and a part of my everyday life as much as a key to my work.

There is always room for improvement of course and I will experiment with asking more personal questions such as what supplements are good for me, or what food do I need.

The end goal I believe though is to be so connected to source that you do not need a dowsing method to give you an answer as you can ‘feel’ what is right and what is wrong. This one I am working on and for the meantime I will continue to dowse.

For more information through case studies and blogs about psychic activity in the home, feel free to visit my website

Emma Loveheart
Into the Light Home Healing


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