Thames Water’s planned sewerage repairs in the Upper Lambourn Valley, August to November 2021

Thames Water sewage pipe liner & machine

Work continues by on the repair works to the sewerage system in the Upper Lambourn Valley. Local residents will need no reminding that when the groundwater level is high (usually in the winter) water is forced in through cracks in the pipes and overwhelms the system,. Penny Post received the following information from Thames Water on 4 August 2021 detailing several projects planned for the next few months. Some may result in local road closures and diversions, the details of which will be publicised nearer the time.

Upper Lambourn

  • Work to divert a buried well on private property into a nearby ditch rather than it flowing into the foul sewer is being planned and will hopefully be completed in late August, subject to permits being granted by West Berkshire Council.
  • A manhole chamber which was allowing significant amounts of surface water to enter the foul sewer will be sealed in mid August.


  • Sewer relining work on the High Street will take place in late August.
  • The ATAC filtration unit will again be on standby in the village in case of another wet winter.

East Garston

  • Relining of a 25m stretch of sewer is being planned and will most likely be done in September.
  • Work to seal manhole chamber on private property is also being planned with the property owner.

Great Shefford

  • Where ground water levels have remained high, this has given us the opportunity to continue infiltration investigations through the summer. So far, we have found 12 new points of groundwater infiltrating the network. Two of these points are on our network and ten are on private sections of sewer. We are arranging repairs the two on the public sewer and will work with the private residents with a view to resolving the other ten.
  • We have a proactive sewer cleaning job raised to be carried out during October and November to ensure the sewer can operate without the added risk of fat, oil, grease and wet wipe blockages.

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