Shalbourne Walk by Alex Milne-White

Thanks to Alex Milne-White for sharing this Shalbourne Walk from his book Shorter Walks Near Hungerford

It is a 2.4 mile circuit around the west and north of the village that takes about 50 minutes.

Park at The Plough or anywhere along the straight bit of road to the north of it.  See map and directions below.


1. Walk north along main road until you see a Byway sign pointing to the left, 

2. Follow the byway path down hill. As you emerge from the shady byway there is a footpath crossing left to right, but carry straight on on byway, climbing up the hill.

3. At the top cross the road carefully and follow concrete track signed Newtown Store.

4. As you approach farm buildings take a right turn on track to where you can see a footpath sign.

5. Follow footpath around to the left, then right, then left again where the path forks. After 100 metres there is a bridleway sign pointing right and you want to follow tree-lined path rather than the one along the edge of the field.

6. After about 200 metres there is a footpath heading off to the right, ignore this one and you will soon come to a kind of crossroads of paths, head straight on and slightly right down a muddy looking path.

7. The path is a bit chopped up by hooves, but after 100 metres a footpath forks off to the right, follow this until it rejoins a larger track.

8. You will immediately come to another track heading left to right and an inviting looking path straight ahead. Do not follow any of these paths; instead follow a completely unmarked path (as far as I could see) diagonally across the field to the left aiming for the left edge of the row of trees to the right.

9. Once you’re about a 3rd of the way across the field you will see a house that you will skirt to its left and soon you will also see a small footpath sign confirming that you’re not just tramping across a random field!

10. Take a right past the sign and down to the road, go left on the road for about 20 meters then cross carefully and follow footpath sign along right edge of field.

11. Keep the trees to your right to cross a footbridge at the corner of the field, then keep to right edge of next field until you reach a footpath heading off to left and right.

12. Take the footpath right, across field and down someone’s drive to the main road.

13. Cross the road and head up the road opposite towards the church. Turn left just before the graveyard and follow this path until you emerge next to Shalbourne Primary School. Turn right on the road until you reach you starting point.

Alternative, slightly longer, route which has stiles:

14. Carry straight on to pass through a gap in corner of field, then cross the road and follow signed footpath round to the right.

15. Cross stile and carry straight on to another stile, cross this and head straight across the field, just right of some trees, to a kissing gate at far corner. Turn right onto Cox’s lane and follow down to the main road and your starting point.


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