Electric Vehicle Show in Hungerford, Saturday 3 July 2021

From 2030, it will no longer be possible to buy a new diesel- or petrol-engine car in the UK. Although this will still leave a huge number of fossil-fuel vehicles on the roads, the future from then on will – whether Jeremy Clarkson likes it or not – increasingly be electric.

Electric Vehicle Show – 11am to 3pm Saturday 3 July

Buying a car can be a stressful experience at any time with so much choice available. Electric vehicles (EVs) have introduced a whole new range of terms into the vehicular vocabulary. Help and advices needed: and fortunately, it’ll be coming to Hungerford soon. So, if phrases or acronyms like WLTP, DC chargers, hybrid vehicles or range anxiety are likely to make you blow a fuse, an event that will take place between 11am and 3pm on Saturday 3 July at the Croft Field in Hungerford is the place to be.

This is organised by Hungerford Environmental Action Team (HEAT) and will give you a chance to see examples of a wide range of all-electric models, including from such familiar names as Audi, BMW, Honda, Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes, Mini, Nissan, Renault, and VW. There will also be electric motorbikes and e-bikes to see and e-bike test rides. A dozen or more owners of many different makes of EV will be there with their own cars to talk about their move to the quieter, cleaner and smoother world of driving electric cars.

“After over a hundred years of internal combustion engine dominating personal transport, a new cleaner era is upon us,” said one of the HEAT organisers, John Downe. “Now’s the time to get familiar with the the world of all electric options. This event is an ideal opportunity to see and experience the future. There’ll also be plenty of experts on hand to help explain the terms, the jargon and the choices available.”

There are two nearby car parks (at Church Street and Station Road) and Hungerford railway station is about 250 yards away. Admission to the event is free.


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  1. I have made the switch to all-electric and can highly recommend my Citroen eC4. I have a charger at home from podpoint and am looking to switch the GrapeSmith van over to electric once its lease expires.

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