Thames Water lining sewage pipes

Thames Water sewage pipe liner & machine

For many years, the Lambourn Valley has experienced problems with its sewerage system. This is mainly because the pipes run through an aquifer: when groundwater levels are high, water is forced in through any cracks in the pipes and overloads the system, with the unpleasant results that many are all too familiar with. The Valley, and Lambourn in particular, experienced particularly bad overflows in the winter of 2019-20 and since then Thames Water has come under increasing pressure to fix the problem.

In May 2021, a Thames Water team was at work in East Garston re-lining some of the pipes in Front Street. In the video below (shot on 18 May 2021) a Thames Water spokesperson explains how this is done, why it can only be done at certain times of year and what the hoped-for results are. 

The video also includes statements from the two West Berkshire Councillors – Howard Woollaston (Lambourn) and Clive Hooker (Dowlands) – whose wards cover the Valley down to East Shefford.


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