Street naming within the new Bewley Home development at Lancaster Park

Hungerford Town Council is pleased to announce that the five new street names for Lancaster Park, will reflect the choices made by Hungerford community. After careful consultation with key interested parties and local historians in the town, the preferred choices were put forward. We are grateful to West Berkshire Council for its support and for negotiating with the developer. They are as follows:

  1. Jethro Tull Lane
  2. Pidden Mead
  3. Beacon Rise
  4. Reeves Close
  5. Sanham View

We know our local historians will be thrilled to receive the news: for your interest, here is some history behind the names:

  • Jethro Tull – the agricultural pioneer and inventor of the seed drill lived at Prosperous Farm in Hungerford.
  • Pidden (originally spelt “Pedden”) – Pidden and Pidden East were the two common fields immediately to the south of the current development.
  • Beacon – the land belonged, it is believed to Beacon Farm prior to development.
  • Reeves – Thomas Reeves owned one of the two fields in 1817.
  • Sanham – (originally spelt Sanum). The road past the John O’ Gaunt school used to be called “Sanum Green Road”, leading to Sanham Green.

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