Community Larders & Fridges in Thatcham, Newbury, Wantage and Marlborough

It is exciting to see Community Larders and Fridges now set up across our area. They are available for absolutely anyone to collect from or donate food that would otherwise go to waste.

Opening times do change so please double check directly with organisations before visiting.

Community Larder at the Waterside Centre, Newbury

The Larder will be open every Tuesday 2 – 4pm at the Waterside Centre, Waldegrave Place, Newbury RG14 1DS (behind Costa Coffee). People can select their items of food and other household products as well as accessing other support services on site. Working with Sofea and Fareshare, the larder takes supermarket warehouse excess and re-distributes it in the community. This is not a means-tested service. Anyone can sign up as individuals or as a family for a small membership fee from £3.50 per week for individuals and £7 per week for families. Whilst Food Banks do a fantastic and very necessary job helping to support people who are experiencing food poverty, Community Larders are designed to support people to live more independently, “a hand up, not a handout”, a long-term sustainable approach to food insecurity. They care about the person and community as a whole.

If you require any further information or have any further questions please contact or 01635 018500.

Community Larder at the Greenham Community Centre, Newbury

The Newbury Larder is open 1 – 4pm Thursday afternoons at the Greenham Community Centre and is run by Claire Austin and young people from Community Youth Project. There is space for local organisations to put up display stands or advice stations that offer help with tenancy advice, debt advice, DV, substance misuse, adult education etc. For more information please contact or follow

Thatcham Larder at Frank Hutchins Hall

The Thatcham Larder is open 2 – 6pm Wednesday afternoons at the Frank Hutchins Hall, with Vicky Roseblade from Public Protection Partnership WB at the helm, working alongside Sue Edgar, from West Berkshire Council’s Career and Participation team. Pop along to shop and have a chat to the volunteers with a cup of tea and cake. They have now taken deliveries of sanitary products from All Yours, these are offered free of charge when shopping at The Community Larder. They also have a new book exchange facility for both adults and children where a supply of books will be on offer to take away to read and return. For more information please join the Thatcham Community Larder facebook group.

Wantage Larder at The Beacon

The Wantage Larder is open 2.30 – 5pm Fridays and is run by Sustainable Wantage out of the Lockinge Room at The Beacon. For more information please contact 07563 067173, or facebook/wantagecommunitylarder

The Mix Community Fridge on Mill Street, Wantage

From 19 July the opening times for the Community Fridge are Mondays 2-6pm, Wednesdays 10am-3pm, Saturdays 10am-1pm. Community Fridge food will also be available at Cornerstone Café & Bookshop, Grove on Thursdays 4-5pm and at Wantage Methodist Church Hall on Fridays 2.30-5pm alongside Wantage Community Larder. For more info see

Marlborough Community Fridge

Marlborough Community Fridge is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings (see their facebook page for current times) in the Community Room in the George / Figgins Lane Car Park (just behind the public loos) and is a partnership project between Marlborough Town Council and Transition Marlborough. They accept donations of and redistribute fresh, good quality, in-date food that might otherwise not get eaten. Some supplies come from local food retailers and they welcome unopened, in-date foods and home-grown produce from households too. For more information please contact

About Community Larders

For just £10 a year, plus a weekly membership fee, community larder members can access supermarket surplus stock including fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and other staples which would otherwise go to waste. This is an ideal solution for those on a tight budget – and those who want to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Click here to join a community larder near you.

Volunteers at the larders also support members with any debt issues and healthy eating ideas, as well as offering a welcoming place to simply come and get to know others in your neighbourhood. New volunteers are always welcome, including students and other young people looking to build confidence for future employability.The larder model was developed by SOFEA, a charitable organisation from Oxfordshire. Claire Hughes, General Manager – The Community Larder for SOFEA, said: “Community larders are non-means-tested. Anyone who wants to prevent food waste or to save money can join. For an individual this could mean savings of up to £400 per year on their weekly shop, but community larders are about more than food.””The food comes from the FareShare scheme that distributes surplus food from supermarkets,” explains Sue Edgar from West Berkshire Council’s Career and Participation team. “And also wholesalers and manufacturers. One larder had a delivery of Heinz baked beans when the labels has gone on upside down!”Rachel Peters, Community Development Officer for Sovereign Housing says: “Community larders are a fantastic way for people to get the food they need at a very reasonable price – membership for a single person is just £3.50 a week, and for a family it’s £7. The larders are open one afternoon a week, and members can come in and choose items like tins, packets and supermarket surplus products, as well as a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. The larder teams will alert people to what’s available on social media the day before they’re open so people can make time to pop along and pick up some real treats.”

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