Donation request for Royal Berkshire Hospital Staff

cactus for RBH staff

Volunteers who support the staff wellbeing centre at Royal Berkshire Hospital provide a space for the staff to chill, with free hot and cold drinks, snacks etc for them to eat there, or take away. During the height of the Covid crisis they received a lot of donations from the local area but these have now slowed to a trickle. But the staff are still under enormous pressure, dealing with the physical and emotional impact of a horrendous year, plus now gearing up to tackle the massive backlog of elective surgery, delayed cancer treatment, etc.

Any donations of cold drinks, coffee, tea, biscuits, cakes, crisps, cereal bars, ideally individual items, which are a lot easier to hand out would be welcome.

There is also one very particular need…about two months ago IKEA donated some mini cacti, these went incredibly quickly, so there seems to be a strong yearning for houseplants, presumably the nurturing urge of hospital staff.

So if anyone else has any houseplants in need of splitting and separating, they would be certain of good homes.

Please contact Verity Murricane on if you can help and to arrange collection.


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