Trindledown NAWT Berkshire needs your help to keep a mother and son together

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Mother and Son, Mwlsen (10) and Tyson (8) came to Trindledown farm through no fault of their own after their owner sadly passed away.

They are a gentle, cheerful and loving pair who thoroughly enjoy cuddling and have a never-ending amount of love to give as well as an undying bond between one another. Their calm temperaments and professional puppy eyes have truly captivated the hearts of those who are caring for them. As part of the vet checks that all animals receive when they come into our care Mwlsen and Tyson were both booked into see a specialist. We had already noticed Tyson’s back legs were skinnier than his front but what we heard back regarding both dogs was worse than we could have imagined. We were shocked to find out both were actually living through a huge amount of pain.

The vets notified us that Tyson had screamed and yelped when they tried to manipulate his legs and with some careful testing it was discovered that Tyson is suffering from bilateral hip dysplasia. A common but extremely painful condition where the hip bones do not fit into the hip joint and if not giving treatment will render a dog unable to walk and stand.  Tyson has been going through an incredible amount of pain but with our help he is now taking pain relief and is being referred to hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

His mother unfortunately had her own issues. On both of Mwlsen’s ovaries were tumours; one of which horrifically measured 15cm in diameter and after analysis, results show that the tumours were what we feared most: cancer. Malignant ovarian tumours are extremely rare and occur in less than 1% of intact (non-spayed) dogs. GKG Vets carefully removed most of the carcinoma tumours and, although we are uncertain of how long Mwlsen may live, the good news is that she will now live the rest of her days comfortably and without pain. However, Tyson’s condition is far more urgent and he will need ongoing care to stop his legs from overwhelming him. We must help him.

We believe it’s the strong bond between the mother and son that have kept them going for so long but now we fear that if they were separated by any means, including death, than the other would struggle. Their treatments were expensive but necessary and it’s now our duty to ensure they can stay together and live and long and healthy life.

How You Can Help

Only with the help and generosity of the community are we able to save hundreds of animals a year like Mwlsen and Tyson. We are hoping to raise £2000. We need your help to recover the costs of their surgeries and fund their ongoing care.

In aid of the fundraising and as part of the Captain Tom 100 challenge, the staff have decided to test our abilities and have challenged ourselves to cycle 100 miles in one day on Friday 30 April. We will be making updates throughout the day as we go along and are hoping to raise £500 in one day.

The public can also get involved with the challenge by choosing an activity to do 100 of, like 100 star jumps, bake 100 cakes or say ‘red lorry, yellow lorry’ 100 times in a row. The idea is to get sponsors for your challenge and help raise money for the animals here at Trindledown who need veterinary care and new forever homes

Please consider making a donation to Mwlsen and Tyson’s appeal today to show them the love they show us.

To sponsor the staff and make a donation to Mwlsen and Tyson here or call us on 01488 638 584.


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