Mine’s a pint – how to drink sensibly after lockdown

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The end of lockdown is certainly worth celebrating. But for some people the re-opening of the pubs, especially in such euphoric circumstances risks them drinking to excess.

Local drug & alcohol counsellor Stewart Kennedy shares some practical tips to drinking sensibly as we come out of lockdown to minimise harm to yourself and others:

1. Remember government guidelines of 14 alcohol units/week for both men and women with ideally 2-3 alcohol-free days per week.
2. Try to go to pubs later and leave earlier. Don’t wait until closing time as this has been extended from previous lockdowns. If you are travelling by taxi, pre-book the taxi to collect you at a sensible time.
3.  Avoid (where possible) buying rounds of drinks and peer pressure.
4.  Intersperse alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks.
5.  Consider spritzers instead of glasses of neat wine and avoiding spirits.
6.  Try to sip, rather than gulp, drinks – pace yourself.
7.  Everyone is different – know your own limits.
8. Beware hidden calories. There are 635 calories in a bottle of white wine!
9. Consider health consequences of drinking to excess such as liver disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and strokes.
10. Do not carry on drinking when you get home.
11. Try not to go to pubs or restaurants more frequently than would normally be the case.
12. Observe seating arrangements.

For more advice, or to discuss any issues around alcohol or addiction, please feel free to contact Stewart at stewartkennedycounselling.com


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