Hugh Warwick’s Hedgehog Campaign

Hedgehogs in the UK are in serious trouble.  But hedgehog expert and author Hugh Warwick believes there is something we can do to save them.

A key cause of hedgehogs dying out is that our landscapes are being fenced off into ever smaller fragments. 

If we can make sure new housing developments include ‘hedgehog highways’ (a simple 13cm hole in the bottom of a garden fence) then hedgehogs will be able to move freely between gardens to find the food and mates they need to survive.

This simple move would have a big impact on the UK’s hedgehogs – and it’s cheap and easy for developers to carry out, costing an estimated 50p per house.

Hedgehog Highway

Please sign the petition

Hugh has set up a petition to call on the Ministry of Housing and Planning to make hedgehog highways a legal requirement of new builds. 

Please sign here at, and help Hugh reach 1.5 million signatures (he’s nearly there).

What else can you do?

1. Help with this Mammals on Roads survey in order to collect important data

Put pressure on developers and builders to make hedgehog highways even before it is put into law. If you see a house being built in your area, ask the builders if they are making sure they don’t trap hedgehogs on the property. 

2.Ask your local builders merchant to put up posters to raise awareness with their customers.

3.Create a hedgehog highway on your own property – see ideas here for how to do it

4. Register to become a hedgehog champion on

We can’t sit back and let hedgehog numbers keep plummeting. It’s estimated that numbers are already down 95% since the 1950s. We have to act now.

Hugh Warwick

Hugh has been studying hedgehogs in the UK for over 30 years, has written three books about them and is a spokesperson for the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. He is based in Oxford and recently gave a talk to Wantage Cafe Scientifique.


2 Responses

  1. Quite right Peter. 3 years ago we were excited to have a badger who then killed my 3 hogs. The badger has now gone and now I have 2 hogs. I had a pheasant who raised 12 chicks in my garden who were wiped out by a cat. It’s the urban jungle here.

  2. Until badgers are reduced there will never be a return to the old levels of hedgehogs. We moved 40 years ago and our spaniel would appear every day with another flea-covered hedgehog. Now surrounded by badgers there isn’t one! Sadly we have no fences or neighbours to keep the badgers at bay.

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