Calling Local Drivers – Please Remember Hungerford’s Wednesday market

Hungerford has a weekly market every Wednesday on the High Street but the popular veg stall can not set up if cars ignore the Town and Manor signs on a Tuesday evening asking drivers not to park in his stall location (near the old Barclays Bank). If this continues to happen, Neil and Karen who run the stall will stop coming to Hungerford.

Neil and Karen often arrive as early as 4am on the Wednesday morning. When the sign says ‘no parking after midnight’ it means you need to leave the car park before midnight on Tuesday (ie before you go to bed) rather than you can’t arrive after midnight.

If you ever see a car parked in the market area late on a Tuesday night please let the Town and Manor know the number plate and model (or take a photo) so they can put notices on the vehicle.

The restrictions do also apply all the way down the High Street to the Town Hall.

Thanks for you help and consideration.

Ellie Dickens
CEO, The Town & Manor of Hungerford

01488 686555


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  1. [I’m sorry if this is double-posting, but I feel that comments from one section’s ‘Leave a Reply’ just don’t get seen in any other sections’ – so Im taking the liberty of posting this again, here].

    Wednesday Market / Inconsiderate Motorists Parking

    Am I the only person who is saddened and appalled by what little rights Market Stall owners have when they cannot set up their stall, because some arrogant inconsiderate motorist has parked their car in that very spot, clearly having blithely ignored the Police ‘Polite Notices’ requesting motorists not to park there.

    A week or so ago, due to this incident happening once more, the Veg & Fruit Stall owners had to turn round and go home (all 150 miles away so I was told).
    There is nothing they can do about this. The Police seem uninterested in doing much about this. Once more the Motorist reigns supreme, so sure of what they can get away with.

    It is appalling how much power has been given to the Motorist to cause this havoc. Resulting in people such as the Veg & Fruit Stall owners losing a lot of income to what is their livelihood – and ending up wasting a lot of fuel too in their long drive to and from home.

    To my mind the Police should have – and USE – their powers to simply tow the parked car away.

    And – if all else failed – the Market Stall owners should have the right to simply shunt the offending car out of the way!

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