Four-year-old Henry’s Act of Daffodil Kindness

Henry daffodil boy

Thanks to Mum Chloe and foir-year-old Henry for their acts of kindness in Hungerford. 

Over the last few weeks Henry has been placing bunches of daffodils on peoples doorstep anonymously in Hungerford. They started off with friends and family and then began dropping them off to random houses. Chloe started this to teach Henry about the importance of being kind and thinking about others during this tough time.

“Now my son’s back at school we revealed his identity as the Daffodil Boy,” explains Chloe. “We had such a lovely response from everyone and we both are very happy we was able to bring so much happiness to the town.”

This is the message they have shared with the community:

Dear everyone who I’ve made smile over the last few weeks 🌼 I hope you all loved your little surprises & that they brought a little sunshine to your day through this tough time. It has taught me importance of being kind and thinking about others.
I’m back to school on Monday but please know I loved my little daffodil missions with my mummy & hope you all are safe & well.
Lots of love
Henry The Daffodil boy x


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