Opportunity for improved rail services at Kintbury, Hungerford, Bedwyn and Pewsey stations – your views are needed

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The Department for Transport is funding a study into the potential for a new rail station to serve the Devizes Community Area. This development has potential to improve services for customers in the Pewsey, Bedwyn and Hungerford areas. It is proposed that the new station, known as Devizes Gateway, will be 3.4 miles from Devizes Market Place. Plans for a connecting bus are being developed.

Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group and Pewsey Vale Rail User Group have campaigned for a number of years for improved connections to the west (for Bath, Bristol, Salisbury and beyond) and consideration is now being given to extending the services which currently stop at Bedwyn, through to Westbury. This would enable passengers to travel to Devizes and also to connect at Westbury for destinations further west.

The Devizes Development Partnership is keen to hear the views of people living in the Hungerford, Bedwyn and Pewsey areas. Please complete the survey here (which only takes a few minutes).

Note that Devizes Gateway (and improvements to the Bedwyn service) are unlikely to become realities before 2025 so please answer on the basis of how you would travel if Covid-19 did not exist. let us hope that by then it will not.

Note: if you use the services between Bedwyn, Hungerford and London Paddington, however, infrequently, Penny Post seriously advises that you sign up to receive the newsletters and updates from the Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group (BTPG). During times of disruption (as happens) this provides a superb source of information, often far clearer than that provided by the train operator. The BTPG has also been very effective at lobbying for service and other improvements on the line so any comments you pass on to them may be influential.

Email the BPG on info@bedwyntrains.org.uk. You can also visit the BTPG website here.


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  1. Reply @ Brian (10th Feb Post).

    Sorry – hope I didn’t come across as bumptious!

    I can see your point that more westbound trains do at least stop at Pewsey, even if Pewsey doesn’t actually have the rail connections that Westbury has.

    But I still can’t really see why GWR appear to find it so irksome or whatever to have trains also carry on to Westbury.

    As you say (Quote):”The organisation of the rail system is a mystery known only to those who operate it and I suspect not even to most of them.” (Unquote).

    I would insert ‘the British rail system’, as it seems like we’re a bit of a joke to other countries who seem to have far more common-sense than we do in this respect.

    Yes, Geordie Taylor certainly offers some encouragment here.

  2. Correction Here: It’s Westbury that has the connections with more GWR routes to Bath, Bristol and South Wales, and to the whole west, and also to Salisbury, Southampton and Portsmouth.

    The ossified insularity and selective ignorance of those who purport to run our train services never ceases to dismay and amaze me.

    1. Indeed: but my point was that, were the line to terminate at Pewsey rather than Bedwyn, that would be an improvement as a lot of westbound trains stop there. As it’s the next stop from Bedwyn this would presumably be easier than extending services to Westbury.
      The organisation of the UK’s rail system is a mystery known only to those who operate it and I suspect not even to most of them. However, this story https://pennypost.org.uk/2021/02/tweaking-the-trains-how-two-men-changed-gwrs-timetables-to-help-people-get-covid-vaccines-in-west-berkshire/ offers some encouragement.
      Brian Quinn

    1. Absolutely. I’ve never understood why Bedwyn and not Pewsey (which has westbound connections) was not the terminus of the line. The BTPG has been lobbying for years to get more westbound services.
      Be sure to fill in the questionnaire

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