Online Support with Home-Schooling for Local Families

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How are you getting on with home schooling?

The challenge is huge for families with children’s on-line learning and school work all being done at home, particularly when there may be multiple children or the parents are juggling work commitments. On top of this is a general level of anxiety and frustration with the significant curtailment of freedom that we normally take for granted..

Online Support

These are challenging times but a new local initiative is offering any number of 30-minute zoom/teams sessions at a mutually convenient time to work with your child on their schoolwork. This may involve pre-teaching, going over new learning to ensure its understanding, developing strategies for learning so reinforcing the skills taught at school about ‘how’ to learn, practicing and reviewing learning and generally boosting confidence with learning and schoolwork by developing a trusting mentor/tutor to pupil relationship over zoom/teams.

Introducing the Tutors

The tutors are young enthusiastic students who may be at the ‘A’ level stage or at University, who have put themselves forward for this role.

Educational Psychologist, Caro Strover will support them via regular contact, with any planning and review.

What Next

Contact Caro on expressing your interest for 30-minute zoom/teams 1:1 sessions for your child/children, giving:

• The name and age of your child/children
• The name of the school that they attend with their teacher’s name and email.
• What you think would be the most helpful focus of the sessions e.g. developing reading, learning spellings, writing, homework, maths etc.
• The frequency that you are considering e.g. weekly, twice weekly and indicator of when i.e. what days and what times

We will then contact you to set up an initial consultation with you as parent, your child, with the proposed tutor and with myself as the facilitator, via zoom at no cost. There is no obligation following this consultation.

Costs: £10 per 30-minute zoom session including planning, payable to the tutor. If there are financial difficulties, please contact Caro to discuss so, notwithstanding such a difficulty, they can work to support your children’s learning. Payments go direct to the tutors who will retain 100% of the payment.

Planning may include contacting your child’s teacher to ensure relevance to lessons.

This is a voluntary community response, to the needs arising from COVID challenges, rather than a response from any formal charitable organization. Tutors put themselves forward and are selected based on local recommendation.

Caro facilitates the starting of the sessions and is available to the tutors if they need to contact her at any point and will arrange regular communication to plan and review their sessions with them. She will also check in with parents via email to review the sessions. The parent will be instructed to record the sessions or ensure their presence in the room during the session to meet safeguarding measures.


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