Hungerford Quiz, Spring 2021 – the answers

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This competition has now closed and the answers and the lucky winner can be seen below. Many thanks to all of you who took part and to all the retailers and businesses in the town who contributed the prizes and vouchers for this wonderful composite prize.

Enter our special Hungerford prize quiz to win a special Hungerford Hamper, in celebration of the 50th monthly edition of Penny Post Hungerford (for February 2021),  We thought 50 questions might be a bit much so we’ve gone for 20 – all about present-day and historical Hungerford. Entry deadline is Monday 15 March.

Hungerford Hamper prize

The lucky winner will receive a hamper of Hungerford goodies and vouchers worth over £250 including: £10 voucher from Hungerford Bookshop • £10 voucher from The Naked Grape • Pamper Gift Set from Belle Chic Health & Beauty • trip for two on The Rose of Hungerford donated by Fare Wise Travel • Apple Juice from The Town and Manor • bottle of wine from The Emporium • £10 voucher from Hungerford Arcade • £10 voucher from Hungerford Coin and Stamp Centre • Day Pass to Herongate Club • £10 voucher for Honesty Coffee Shop • £15 voucher from M&P Hardware • £10 voucher from The Clockmaker • £10 voucher fom Inklings • £20 voucher from Barrs Yard • DIY Pizza Kit for two from Phoenix Wood Fired Pizza • £10 voucher from Luna Boutiques • Martin & The Magpie plant donated by Hungerford Legal & Financial Centre

The Quiz

When you’ve answered these 20 questions about Hungerford, take the first letter of each answer and re-arrange these to form a phrase which is relevant to the quiz. To give you a bit of help, the questions are ordered alphabetically by their answers: so, if the answer to one of the questions was ‘zythum’ (which it isn’t), that question would be at the end. One of these initial letters appears three times and four of them appear twice. One answer is a number which has been put in at random.

The Questions

Ready or not, here they come…

1   Which Hunter has kept Hungerford dancing through lockdown? None other than Disco Dan.
2   John of Gaunt, who is closely associated with the town, was the son of which English king? Edward III, who reigned from 1327 to 1377.
3   Which Dickins is currently the CEO of the Town and Manor? Ellie.
4   What is the name of the marsh on the western edge of Hungerford? Freeman’s.
5   Which Taylor founded the town’s Self-isolation Network in 2020? Geordie.
6   The Library building is now known as the ‘Hungerford…? Hub.
7   In which league does Hungerford Town FC currently play? National League South (although, for the second year in a row, the season has been suspended).
8   Which local actor and former Constable shares a surname with Ab Fab’s Patsy? In Absolutely Fabulous, Patsy was played by Joanna Lumley; which is also ex-Constable Nick’s surname (don’t know if they’re related).
9   Which of Hungerford’s schools has Suzanne Taylor as its Head? The Nursery School.
10 Which of the dwarves did Hungerford-born actor Adam Brown play in the film adaptations of The Hobbit? Ori (the polite one).
11 Which George from Hungerford starred as Aladdin in Newbury’s Corn Exchange 2020 Panto? Olney.
12 Which Jackson owns M&P Hardware? Pauline.
13 Hungerford has a road, an avenue and a close of this name. Priory (as a result of land owned in these areas by the former Priory of St John the Baptist in present-day Bridge Street).
14 2021 marks which anniversary of the completion of the English section of the M4 (including junction 14)? The 50th (we’ll accept 50).
15 Hungerford’s canal boat is The…? The Rose of Hungerford.
16 The 6 Close Support Batallion of which branch of the armed forces is particularly closely connected with Hungerford? REME (The Corps of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers).
17 Which Helen is currently the town’s mayor? Helen Simpson wears that chain of office.
18 Which special day only happens in Hungerford (but didn’t happen last year)? Tutti Day which was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19 (that and so much else).
19 A major archaeological dig took place in 1988-89 at which farm (now the site of the Charnham Park Industrial Estate)? Undy’s Farm.
20 The Hungerford Virtual Museum records that the Constable of the Town and Manor in 1625 was John…? Youle.

If you take all these initial letters (in bold above) and the number and re-arrange them you’ll end up with…well, quite a few phrases. “Dent 50th sunny froghopper” and “50 puny feted pronghorns” are two but I think you’ll agree that these have nothing to do with the competition (or anything else). “50th Penny Post Hungerford” or “Penny Post Hungerford 50th/50” was what we were after. We put all the correct answers in a hat, shook them up, closed our eyes and plucked one out – congratulations to Kathryn Currell from Hungerford who wins this wonderful prize. 

Many thanks to all of you who entered this quiz and also to all the retailers and businesses in the town who donated the prizes or vouchers.

How to enter

Please email just the phrase (not the 20 individual answers) to with the subject ‘PP Hungerford Quiz‘ by noon on Monday 15 March 2021.

Please be sure to add your name, where you live (the town or village name is fine) and your phone number (which we’ll only use if we need to contact you about this competition). Please also see the terms and conditions below.

Many thanks again to all the retailers and businesses who contributed to the wonderful prize.

The terms & conditions

• The winner will be selected at random from the correct or most correct entries received and notified by email within 48 hours of the closing date (see above). Acceptance must be confirmed by email within 48 hours of the notification or we will select another winner to whom this condition will also apply. The judge’s decision in all matters will be final.

• If you’re not already a subscriber to Penny Post, by entering this competition you’re agreeing to have your email address added to our circulation list. We do not pass on information to third parties and you can opt out at any time.

• Only one entry can be accepted from any one email address.

Penny Post will arrange the hamper to be delivered to, or collected by, the winner. Any vouchers will specify the value, the redemption deadline and any important terms and conditions (all of which may vary from voucher to voucher). Penny Post has no responsibility for any aspect of the commercial or other arrangements arising from the use or redemption of the vouchers. 


Photo credits: Forbes Stevenson, Julie Mungomery Pocock, Barry Harding


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