How to Help Children with Sleep Issues

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Local Home Healer Emma Loveheart reports on a common reason that families ask her for help and shares some tips on how to help children with sleep issues

One of the most common reasons clients find me, is because they are worried about their children and particularly about their children not sleeping. This could be not sleeping all night, not being able to sleep in their own rooms or waking up at certain times.

This has a huge impact on the family because children aren’t getting enough sleep and nor are the parents, which in turn adds a lot of stress onto the family.

There may be certain reasons that are connected to the home causing the issues, and in this article I will share some things to look out for and tips to analyse what could be a cause.

Where do you start?

If your child is scared to go to sleep or wakes scared, then start by listening to them. They may be picking up some energy that you can’t. I hear of many people feeling scared as a child who were told ‘nothing is there’, and ‘you are making it up.’ But why would a child make that up?

Our children are far more intuitive than us adults and the best thing we can do is trust them and listen to what they are experiencing. It could be they are being affected by some paranormal activity or earth stresses.

You know what it feels like to have a bad night’s sleep, so you know how a child will feel. But what if they are scared as well? Start by listening to what they feel or ask what they are seeing.

How do you know if it is connected to the home?

If there is a pattern to the child’s sleep and waking times, or they sleep well in other rooms or other properties, then there is likely to be some unsavoury energy within the home. Keep a diary and log results every day for a week of the times they wake, what they are experiencing and where they are. Just because we aren’t having the experience, does not mean they aren’t. Log what they see, hear or feel.

What signs are you looking for?

If there is some paranormal activity in the bedroom or in the house moving around, then the child will probably be able to describe an image and see it in the same place every night or following the same pattern of movement. Spirits are usually stuck in a place or in a loop which repeats itself. There will be the same noises each time too and possibly at the same time every night.

Remember the energy will be there all day, but it is night time when the mind slows down and there are no distractions, that the senses are more able to pick up on the energies.

If, however, it is continuous waking rather than a regular pattern of waking, then it could be earth stresses. This will be more apparent if you have just moved into a new home. You may find poor sleeping only occurs in certain rooms of the house or is not an issue when away from the house. There could be underground earth stresses directly under their bed. Sometimes simply moving the bed can make a difference.

In summary…

To build a picture of what is going on for your child follow the steps below.

Step 1. Listen to them

Step 2. Note what they are seeing, hearing and feeling

Step 3. Keep a log of the times they wake for a week.

Step 4. Look for a pattern

With this information you can work out what the cause might be and whether there is paranormal activity and/or earth stresses causing the issues.

If you think this may be the case in your home, I offer FREE assessments of the home energies. Go to and complete the assessment form.


What do clients say after a home healing?

‘Baby slept all night for the first time since we moved in’

‘My son is not hearing noises anymore’

‘My daughter is sleeping all night in her own room’


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