Local Groundwater Alerts, 4 February 2021

Eastbury flood alleviation scheme

Local Flood Alerts have been issued Thursday 4 February 2021  by the Environment Agency (EA):

Letcombe Brook at Wantage, Grove and East Hanney

Flood Warning Service report: Property flooding is not currently expected. River levels are falling on the River Ock and its tributaries. Flooding of low lying roads, paths and land may continue across the catchment today. The rain forecast is for a band of rain to pass over Thursday afternoon (4/2/21), followed by showers overnight and into Friday. This rain is not expected to greatly increase water levels but you may see slight rises in smaller watercourses. We expect river levels to be flowing back within banks, however flood water may remain in fields for the coming weeks.

Groundwater flooding in the Lambourn Valley catchment

Flood Warning Service report: Groundwater levels have responded to the recent rainfall across the area and have risen at our observation borehole in Longacre in the Lambourn Valley. Groundwater levels are above normal for this time of year and have now reached a level where communities may be affected within the next few days by flooding from groundwater.

The EA has said that “levels are expected to rise over the next days and weeks in response to recent and continuous rainfall across the area. Low-lying land and roads will therefore continue to be at risk of flooding. Due to the nature of groundwater behaviour, this situation could continue for several weeks or longer.”

The EA is continuing to monitor groundwater levels and will update its information and advice as the situation changes.

The Lambourn Valley already has problems with water of a different kind due to the long-standing problems with groundwater infiltration into the sewerage system. See here for more information on current works being carried out by Thames Water and here for comments made by Laura Farris MP at a meeting of Lambourn Parish Council on 3 February 2021. As the latest rainfall is likely to make this problem worse, please be aware of the things that should not be put down toilets.

To check the latest information in the area…

  • Visit the Flood Warning Information Service to see the current flood warnings, view river and sea levels or check the five-day flood risk forecast.
  • Call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 using quickdial code: 171903.
  • Follow @EnvAgency and #floodaware on Twitter.

The photograph at the top of the post is of the Eastbury Flood Alleviation Scheme in February 2020 – for more information, on this, click here.


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