Best Local Snowdrops Spots

Snowdrops are one of our most popular flowers here in the UK. Small and hardy, harbingers of spring, they bring hope of warmth and longer days to come, even when they are poking out of blankets of snow.

Snowdrops can often be found in graveyards because monks first brought them to this country from Europe in the late 16th century and planted them in monastery gardens. It took them about 200 years to become a wild plant and our common wild snowdrop is called Galanthus nivalis.

Victorians also planted them extensively on graves as a symbol of eternal life. And snowdrops planted in ‘holy ground’ or graveyards have been undisturbed and able to flourish ever since.

Did you know snowdrop bulbs are a source of the alkaloid Galanthamine, which can help manage Alzheimer’s? 

Please note that bees much prefer the single flower varieties (as they find it hard to extract the pollen from double flower varieties) – so do bear that in mind if you are buying snowdrops for your garden.

Where to find snowdrops locally?

These are some of our favourite spots. Please comment below with more suggestions.

Lambourn Valley

Lynch Woods in Lambourn, by the river parallel to the path by the field from Lynch Lane or the Cricket field.

Eastbury, along the banks of The River Lambourn and along the disused railway footpath to East Garston.

Snowdrops at Welford Park open to the public Wed to Sun until 3 March 2024 (paid entry).

Welford Churchyard and the verges opposite Welford Park.

Newbury Area

Greenham House Garden (adjacent to the Burger King Roundabout, on the west side)

Hampstead Norreys Churchyard

Thatcham Area

Bowdown woods (south of Thatcham)

Frilsham Churchyard

Wantage Area

Wantage Parish Churchyard and Betjeman Park

Letcombe Nature Reserve

Lockinge Lake

West Hendred and Sparshold Churchyards


Snowdrops & Plant Fair, Kingston Bagpuize House

snowdrops west hendred churchyard
Snowdrops in West Hendred churchyard by Rebecca Todd

Hungerford Area

St Lawrence’s Churchyard

Sanham Green

St Mary’s Churchyard, Kintbury

On the footpath at Trappshill, Inkpen. Near Crown & Garter

Shalbourne St Michael and All Angels Churchyard

Marlborough/Wiltshire Area

Wilton Windmill


Swindon Area

The Lawns, Swindon Old Town
Lydiard Park and St Mary’s Church graveyard

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