West Berkshire Council’s Local Plan consultation – sites in the upper Lambourn Valley

West Berkshire Council is inviting members of the public to have their say on the emerging draft version of its Local Plan Review 2020-2037. The eight-week public consultation period closes on Friday 5 February 2021. Residents, partners and other key stakeholders can read the draft Local Plan Review and provide feedback on the West Berkshire Local Plan Consultation Portal.

You can also view the emerging draft document by clicking here.

“We are inviting residents and stakeholders to provide their feedback on our emerging draft Local Plan Review,” says Planning portfolio holder Hilary Cole. “This is our planned approach to the sustainable development of housing and associated infrastructure across West Berkshire until 2037. It’s important that people get involved and have their say so that plans are truly representative of our District’s requirements. The best way to provide feedback is via our West Berkshire Local Plan Consultation Portal where any comments made by registrants will be stored for their personal use.” (Note – you will need to register to use this.)

Note that Lambourn is currently conducting a neighbourhood development plan (NDP). As it happens, this has also reached a stage where public engagement is required. All NDPs must be in accordance with the relevant local plan: indeed, when it is adopted (following further stages including an external assessment and a referendum) it becomes as much part of the local plan as if the planning authority (West Berkshire Council (WBC), in this case) had written it itself. At present, however, the two projects are requesting different information in different ways. If you are interested in how the development of the parish is to be shaped over the next 15-odd years you are therefore urged to respond to both WBC’s consultation and any requests for feedback from the LNDP.

More information on Lambourn’s NDP can be found here. You may also be interested in this summary from the Lambourn NDP Steering Group issued on 31 December 2020.

To describe WBC’s local plan as long (the emerging draft document on its own runs to 250pp) and technical would be understatements: so, before you make any comment, you might like to discuss aspects with your ward member or parish councillor (or, if in Lambourn, with a member of the Lambourn NDP Working Party). You can also search for any particular word or phrase in the document by using your web browser’s “search” or “find” function.

Note that parish councils generally make their own responses to such consultation. If you have any views that you would like parish council to take into account when framing its response, please contact the Clerk and/or Chair of your PC in good time. If you respond to the consultation yourself, please send a copy of this to your PC.

Development sites in the Upper Lambourn Valley

In the parishes of Great Shefford, East Garston and Lambourn, four sites have been identified in the draft local plan. Three are residential and one is commercial.

  • Great Shefford • Ref RSA28, p128 • Spring Meadow • 15 homes.
  • Lambourn • Ref RSA22, p117 • Lynch Lane • 60 homes.
  • Lambourn • Ref RSA23, p119 • Newbury Road • 5 homes.
  • Lambourn • Ref EMP5, p74 • Membury Industrial Estate • 27,600 sq m of industrial space.

In addition, some aspects of the plan have region-wide implications.


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