Knitted Squares Appeal to Make Blankets for the Homeless

If you like knitting, or want to learn, squares are simple and very useful for creating blankets. See instructions for beginners below.

These local organisations are grateful for donations or squares (and wool):

Community Cafés in Newbury

Volunteers at weekly Community Cafés in Newbury are sewing together squares to make blankets for Newbury Soup Kitchen. Please drop your squares off at the Educafe cafe any Wednesday between 11am and 2pm at Newbury Library or at the Speen Community Café at The Starting Gate on Wednesdays 2 – 4pm. Or please comment below to request collection.

If you don’t knit but can sew or crochet, your help would be welcome in sewing the squares into blankets.

Swindon Big Knit at The Orbital

Swindon Big Knit at The Orbital is a community group where people from all over Swindon can come together to knit, crochet and socialise whilst making cheerful blankets for vulnerable people. Click here to join their mailing list to be invited to their events. For more about the group and how to get involved please listen (from 3 min 25 seconds) to Penny’s interview with Tracey Major who runs Swindon Big Knit at The Orbital and also Swindon Stitch and Bitch.

If you are a charity that would like to receive donations of knitted blankets or garments, or a knitter who would like to donate squares, please contact Tracey on

Square Knitting Instructions for Beginners

For an 8 inch square, cast on 38 – 40 stitches using double knitting yarn on 4 mm (old size 8) needles.

Beginners should cast on and knit around 10 rows and then check the width.  If the square is too big, reduce the number of stitches and if it’s too small increase the number of stitches. You will need to knit approx 40 – 5o rows to make the square. The exact number of rows doesn’t matter. Just measure until you get to 8 inches.

The needle size would be different for other yarn types but for beginners, double knit yarn is a good one to start with.  If the needle size doesn’t match the wool then the squares can be pulled out of shape easily.

Scarf of Squares

If you have different colour wools, please consider knitting a ‘scarf’ of eight or ten squares of different colours. So you just keep knitting and change your wool colour every 8 inches. This means less sewing is required to create the blankets!



9 Responses

  1. Hi Penny
    Does it matter what ply the squares are done in? I have a mixture of different ply oddments left from knitting 3ply 4ply and double knitting.

  2. Just a couple of questions as I would like to knit squares for blankets – can I post finished squares as I live in Devon and cannot drop them off? Do you want 8” squares knitted in garter stitch only or are other stitch patterns suitable too?

    1. Hi Linda – many thanks for your message. Any stitch is fine. If you are able to knit a ‘scarf’ of squares (see end of the article), this saves a lot of time on sewing.

      You can post them to me, Penny Locke, at Hillsprings, East Garston, RG17 7HW.

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