Hungerford’s Wednesday Market continues during the January lockdown – with a few changes (2 March 2021 update)

Hungerford's wednesday market continues during the january lockdown - with a few changes (12th january up to date)

Hungerford’s Wednesday market – organised by the Town and Manor – has long been a fixture in the town and has undergone a major revival in the last couple of years. This was never more welcome than during the first lockdown in the spring and early summer of 2020 when, with social-distancing and marshalling arrangements in place, the stalls remained open and provided a safe and easy way of procuring many of life’s essentials. The usage steadily increased during 2020. The new year has brought new restrictions but, once again, the market has been able to adapt and will continue to be able to serve your needs.

Currently you can buy plants, bird seed, fruit, vegetables, coffee, bread, pastries, meat, cheese, olives and fish. Apart from the fish stall (which closes about 11.30am) these are all available between 8am and about 2pm. Please note that not every stall-holder will be present every week (though most will be). When regulations permit other stalls will return.

Update 2 March 2021

The Town and Manor would like to thank the volunteers who give up their time every week to ensure that visitors to the market are reminded of the regulations during lockdown to maintain the safety and well-being of all shoppers. The T&M working with HTC, WBC and the Self-isolation group to ensure the market can continue for the benefit of the community and those who come to visit from the villages for their weekly shop.

“We have received hundreds of positive comments from visitors to the market, and we have been told that for some it is their only time they leave their homes” said Ellie Dickins, the Town and Manor’s CEO. “We would also like to remind visitors to the market to scan the NHS Track & Trace QR code, or to leave their name and contact number with the marshal, to ensure the Covid-19 regulations are adhered to.

“Volunteer marshals have now been given hi-vis Market Marshal vests to wear. The Town and Manor would like to thank the Mayor and Councillor James Cole for arranging these on our behalf. Our Volunteers are on site from 8-10am. Should you wish to give some time to help marshal the market from 10am, please do contact the Town and Manor via email or call 01488 686555.”

Update 18 January 2021

The market will continue as normal on Wednesday 20 January – see the points below. However, with very windy conditions forecast it’s possible that the suit and veg stall may not be there this week. If this is the case, normal service should be resumed next week.

Volunteer marshals will be there from 8am to 10pm and the PCSOs will be on duty thereafter. A member of West Berkshire Council’s environmental team will also be making a routine inspection at some point while the market is open.

Update 12 January 2021

All the points in this post still apply. However, the Town and Manor would like to stress the following points:

  • After discussions with West Berkshire Council (WBC), the Town and Manor has been assured that, given the nature and location of the market, marshalling arrangements are not required and this is not a service that WBC feels it needs to provide in Hungerford.
  • Despite this, the Town and Manor is investigating using volunteer marshals. These will be clearly identified as such: please adhere to any requests that they make.
  • Unless you have a medical exemption, please wear a face covering when using the market.
  • Finally, please remember that the market is for shopping and should not be used as a social meeting place. Please keep any conversations with people you know to an absolute minimum.

The Wednesday market, with some changes, continues – outside…

The Town and Manor and the stallholders would like to thank all the customers who have supported the market during lockdown and since its gradual relaxation and hope that you will continue to do now regulations have been re-imposed. All research suggests that transmission of viruses is a lot less likely to happen outdoors rather than in, so you should be able to continue to shop here with confidence. A huge thank you also to the stall holders who have kept it going.

Please note that with effect from Wednesday 6 January the following changes will apply:

  • The stalls will be limited to those providing food (the plant stall will also be there. Note that some stallholders may not be present every week.
  • As was the case during the first lockdown in 2020, we will have volunteer marshals directing members of the public and ask that people are patient and courteous. We are all in this together.
  • The market is for essential use only and should not be used as a meeting place.
  • All stall holders will be advised to wear face coverings.
  • Of course, this could all be subject to change. We please ask that anyone wishing to use the market for essential items does so while abiding by current government guidelines. We are all living in uncertain times at the moment and individuals should  take the upmost precautions to protect themselves and others – hands, face, space.

…but not in

Sadly, the indoor market is officially closed until at least 30 January. Its eventual re-opening will depend on the prevailing government regulations.

Parking on Tuesday evenings

Please obey the no-parking signs that are placed on some High Street bays on Tuesday evenings. Many of the stalls set up very early in the morning and are unable to do this if cars are parked in their allocated spaces.


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