Flag DV charity supporting domestic abuse victims

FlagDV help for domestic abuse victims

Flag DV is a local charity that provides free legal advice to those experiencing domestic violence and abuse. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse and needs legal advice about your personal situation, visit Flag DV’s website flagdv.org.uk. and self-refer. Or call them on 01635 015854 10am – 1pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Messages left will be replied to within 72 hours.

About Flag DV

As the country first went into its first lockdown in March 2020 Flag DV moved their face-to-face legal advice clinics into a virtual format thanks to amazing financial support from several funders.

As the year progressed, Flag DV saw an unprecedented number of people trying to access support, with figures for November 2020 alone being 140% above what they had seen previously for the time of year.

As the strain on personal lives places further stresses on an already abusive environment, the need for more support has become even more apparent. To date they have supported 374 individuals, and with those cases there were a total of 529 children involved, that is 903 people, and counting across the Thames Valley who have received support during a very difficult time.

supporting victims of domestic abuse




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