Eddie the Great White Egret

Numbers of the Great White Egret have boomed so much here in the UK that they are being taken off our rare bird list for 2021. Commonly found in Asia, Africa and the Americas, they are now settling in Europe due to climate change and habitat restoration.

We have several in our local area. The Lambourn Valley is currently home to an impressive chap dubbed ‘Eddie the Egret’. Egrets have been sighted in East Shefford for years and can regularly be found (along with heron and kingfishers) in the field near Maidencourt Farm between Great Shefford and East Garston where the water supply is continuous. They are now regularly spotted on the river banks and rooftops of East Garston, Eastbury and Lambourn as well.  A popular sight with many residents, they are also bold predators so if you have a fish pond it is advised that you net it securely…

The Great White Egret has a wingspan of approx 1.5 metres or 5 feet, lives for 10 – 15 years, is approx 3 feet high and up to 3 1/4 lb in weight and has a yellow beak. The Little Egret is quite a bit smaller with a wingspan of up to 3′ 6in and only up to 21oz in weight and has a darker beak.



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