5 Simple Tips for Working at Home

Andy Spaak from West Berkshire Injury Clinic has simple advice for everyone working from home this lockdown:

1. To help with back and neck posture, laptop users can attach their laptop to a separate screen at eye level or elevate the laptop using a riser so the laptop screen will be at eye level and then connect it to a separate keyboard and mouse that sit on your desk/table.

2. Keep the same work time schedule as if you were in the office eg start at 9am, finish at 5pm and take frequent breaks to make a cup of tea, have a chat (to your cat instead of your colleagues). If you are on your own, give a friend or relative a call.

3. Every 30 – 40 minutes stand up and stretch. Push your hands up to the ceiling and as you let your arms drop, your shoulders will drop as well.

4. During any calls (on zoom or on the phone) try standing up and walking around if you can. This helps keep you mobile and can actually improve your ability to think.

5. Get outside for a minimum of 20 minutes walking per day. This is important for exercise and fresh air. Take some deep breaths. Preferably during daylight but it doesn’t have to be.

If you need any more advice on how to keep fit and healthy during lockdown, please contact Andy and the therapists at the West Berkshire Injury Clinic who can give consultations online while the majority of the therapists working at the clinics in Newbury and Hungerford are closed. Face to face appointments are available with one of the Osteopaths if required.


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