The Doll’s House by local author Jean Maye

The Doll’s House is for children primarily aged between 6-11 years but easily has a window of one year below and above this age range. Interestingly, since being published, the book has attracted even a larger age range – including adults!

How the story came to mind

It was my auntie Joyce who inspired me to write The Doll’s House children’s fiction novel.  After her death, she bequeathed me one of her many doll’s houses which she was well known for.
She was such a jolly lady, always a joke to tell and with her strong Yorkshire accent, made them even more enjoyable. It’s the reason why I set the story in Yorkshire. Richmond Yorkshire is a little way from Doncaster, but it’s such a fascinating little town with a castle which brings lots of scope for mysteries and future adventures.
But the mystery story idea was born from seeing a little wooden toy girl at the Hungerford Antique market about 18 months ago. I named her Anika and decided she would be the little girl in the doll’s house, not knowing quite then, how the story would evolve.
I hope you enjoy reading it. My love for writing fiction stems from the love of Enid Blyton, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien and many more.

I hold an MA in Creative Writing after graduating from Kingston University for a second time, in 2012 but have been involved in other creative projects since then. In 2016 I set up Mouse Chased Cat Productions Ltd to make three short films which I achieved. All have won awards and both the film and screenwriting awards can be seen at


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