Tackling Period Poverty in West Berkshire

Periods can be a financial and emotional issue for many women. An estimated 49% of girls have missed a day of school due to their periods. 1 in 5 girls have been a victim of bullying due to their period.

Recently, Scotland have become the first in the world to make period products free to everyone to put an end to period poverty, this has encouraged others to make a change.

Caroline Herman and her daughter Cara from Hampstead Norreys have set up a local fundraiser called ‘All Yours’ to tackle the issue of period poverty. They are using the money raised to make period boxes for those people who cannot afford to buy, or do not have easy access to, sanitary products each month. “When we heard about the decision in Scotland, we thought what a brilliant idea. But until the same decision is made here, we thought there might be girls and women who would be very grateful for help,” explains Caroline. “And yes, all the shelters, food banks and schools I have spoken to have been desperately keen to have our sanitary boxes.”

There are two types of boxes. One is specifically for younger, teenage girls who are still getting use to their periods and using sanitary products; and there is another box which is for those with more experience of their periods and supplies a mix of sanitary pads and tampons. Each box will provide 6-7 days’ worth of sanitary products.

The organisation aims to raise £500 and with the £256 received so far has already ordered 1730 sanitary towels and 640 tampons.  Over 50 boxes have been made up so far and will be delivered to the local foodbank and a homeless shelter this week. They aim to get as many boxes out as possible before Christmas so that a period is one less thing to worry about this festive season.

How to Help

To find out more visit the All Yours Facebook page or help those in period poverty by donating to their JustGiving page.


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