Stockcross Photographic Services

Contact details:

David Seaton

07962 218 574

David operates a photographic scanning service to digitize old (and not so old) media, such as:

• Photo prints (colour and B&W up to A4)
• 35mm slides
• 35mm & medium format negatives

He will scan your pictures and return them as digital image files so you can get instant access on your small screens or large TVs. He will also arrange reprints, enlargements, photobooks and other photo-based product available on the market if you are not inclined to do so yourself. See his website for examples.

So if you have boxes of old photos (or negatives), cases of 35mm slides or just albums of printed photos, get in touch. A family's photos are valuable and should be cherished and shared: but first they need to be digitized...

Customer testimonials:
"A big thank you to David at Stockcross Photographic Services, who has transferred some of my old 35mm slides onto a USB stick. He has enhanced them, so the quality is brilliant. The service was very quick. Highly recommended." DG, Newbury

"David managed everything from scanning old slides & photos to producing the brilliant photobook for my mother's 90th birthday. Mum was so pleased as so many of her memories were now in one place" JP, Surrey

"David scanned my family's 35mm slide collection. The results were so good we got my husband's family slides done too. Everyone in both families got a wonderful photo book created from the digital versions for Christmas, and loved them!" SB, Hungerford

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