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Hello, I’m Trina.  I run My Mighty Mind after school clubs for 9 – 13 year old kids to learn how to take control of their mental health in a fun and engaging way. I’m truly passionate about this at a time when one of the greatest challenges our children now face is to be able to get to the end of their education with their mental health still intact. 

There are loads of factors at play here ranging from the self-esteem barometer which is the ‘like’ tally on social media, to the ever turned on world wide web meaning we are never turned off, to the obvious impact of the pandemic which is rendering normal socialisation a challenge right now.  The fact is that their happiness and state of mind has overtaken good academic results in what we most want for our children now, because sadly it is no longer a given.

A Bit About Me

Psychology was not my background – in fact my career was in sales for a major blue-chip company for 12 years where I managed a team of people and accounts. I worked hard and I loved my job. It was my identity. It was what made me feel good about myself on a daily basis.

Then I had my beautiful children and all that changed. Cue career crisis (I’m sure many of you can relate to this!) I went back into a horrendous new job, I was trying to juggle being a new mum and various other life challenges which were being thrown my way at the time and simply put, I couldn’t do it all.  I felt I had failed.

I didn’t know it then but it was a new beginning. A book called The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters was recommended to me – it is an amazing book which explains all about the brain and how it is programmed to work. I realised I wasn’t ‘broken’ or ‘crazy’ – I was responding to stress in a perfectly normal way and with this knowledge I began to understand how to take back the control.

My Mighty Mind

This is when the idea for My Mighty Mind was born. If my adult mind could feel so mentally broken, how could young minds cope with strong, uncomfortable emotions? If only I had known then what I know now, my life would have been different.

It’s very hard to be truly happy and successful without feeling good about yourself, believing in yourself and being able to get back up when you fall down. Knowing how to do that is essential to success and it all boils down to taking control of our thoughts. Once we understand the science and logic around how and why we think the way we do, we can be more in control of our lives. I am now loving sharing that understanding with as many children and young adults as I can. 

Zoom After School Clubs

I run after school clubs via Zoom so all covid friendly for 9 – 13 year olds (click here and scroll down for class times) that cost £8 per week. As an after school club which children need to want to attend,  I make it as fun as possible so as not to feel like another lesson. I use funny YouTube videos to illustrate the learning,  loads of different online games and quizzes and a lot of discussion which really helps the children understand how normal this all is when the rest of the group can relate to the same things. The children I teach respond really positively. 

I have three full terms of lessons covering how the mind works, self regulation, self esteem, self confidence, worries friendship and resilience and I’m proud to say that last year 70 percent of the children who joined me in September stayed for the full year – infact three wanted to do it all over again!

School hours classes for Home Ed Mighties

I am also this term launching day time classes at 1pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for children who are home educated  My classes are a lovely way to form little friendship groups so at this time they may be just what children need when they are being forced to miss out on normal interactions – and they can serve as a ready to roll out PHSE curriculum. 

*Update**  Now we’re in lockdown daytime classes may also suit school educated children too! Anyone can join any class right now – I am very flexible – just give me a call or register your interest here.

What Others Say

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your life saving Mighty Mind Club. My daughter talks about what she has learnt regularly. It has really helped her to understand her emotions better and helped her to feel calmer about her reactions to life as a 10 yr old! She is more positive and mentally stronger! For this I am eternally grateful.
Alison, Eva’s Mum

Mighty Minds has been hugely helpful to my son; it enabled him to understand how his brain works and how it influences his emotions and behavior.  The  techniques Trina taught allowed him to better understand his feelings and she gave him the vocabulary to express himself more clearly.  He thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the materials Trina provided were relevant and hugely helpful to him.  I was keen to help my son be as independent and resilient as possible and Mighty Mind Club has definitely aided this. 
Kimberley, Jonah’s Mum

Thanks again for your wonderful work. The topics you cover are great,  and not only does Imogen share her learning with me, but I have found myself talking to friends and family about some of the techniques and ideas. maybe your good work spreads further than you realise. 
Melanie, Imogen’s Mum

Find Out More

My mission is to share my understanding about our amazing brains to help children teenagers and adults alike feel that little bit more normal,  a bit more in control, and a lot more happy.

If you think your child would benefit from this understanding – please do get in touch for details on upcoming courses to help their young minds grow into happy and healthy ones. Please email me at or sign up to my termly newsletter detailing upcoming classes here

Trina Schofield


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