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If you’re looking for a good book, there are a lot of local authors to choose from!

Love: A Curious History in 50 Objects by Edward Brooke-Hitchings

‘Edward Brooke-Hitching’s delightful book is a collection of curiosities. From a 19th-century lonely hearts ad to a nuptial blessing of the bride’s buttocks, an entertaining history of love over the millennia that proves when it comes to the heart, little has changed.’ Daily Mail

From the author of the critically acclaimed The Phantom Atlas and The Madman’s Library (Sunday Times Literature Book of the Year) comes a magnificent new illustrated work. From prehistoric carvings and ancient Egyptian statues, to medieval spell books and Victorian code-writing, this unique collection gathers a wealth of curious objects and surprising stories to trace the story of love through the ages. 

Edward is from Kintbury. The book is available here for delivery or pick-up from Hungerford Bookshop.

To Lawra with Love by Sarah Annable-Gardner with Michele Carlisle 

The true story of one woman, two villages, infinite optimism and thousands of lives changed. 

It’s 2012, and Sarah is leaving her too-safe life in Ramsbury and heading to Upper West Ghana with a suitcase full of cream-coloured linen and the romantic dream of ‘having an adventure and saving the world’.

Totally relatable to anyone who cares about the state of the world and the state of their hair, To Lawra With Love explores the challenges of tackling not just poverty, but also of work, romance and family across a cultural divide – and shows what can be achieved with commitment, collaboration and, of course, love.

Available online here.

Faith, Love & Murder by Nick Card

On Friday 22 September 2023, Marianne’s simple pleasure of a daily Amonti Sherry before dinner is tragically her last. Many have a motive but who would go as far as to take her life?

DC Fran Jacobs is ridden with self-doubt, intimidated and exasperated by her bullying superior; grappling with her own demons and dilemmas from religion to romance, but this only sharpens her instincts.

Fran’s intuition is at odds with the methodical thinking of her colleagues, but she is determined to unweave the web of lies, and there’s more to it than she could ever have imagined…

Available online here.

That Summer by Jussie Lilliot

This is a life-affirming, poignant memoir of Joyce Warne (nee Moss) growing up in Kintbury after her family was evacuated there during the war.

The book has been published by Joyce’s daughter Sarah (pictured left) who has continued their family memoirs after the war in Newbury and Kintbury in Lost Summers of Days Gone By. 

Both books are available online here and also from Hungerford Bookshop.

Unaccustomed As I Am by Brian Quinn

A collection of stories ranging from the Lambourn Valley to Las Vegas, from the Hundred Acre Wood to dark basements, from steam trains to drug dens and from Suffolk to Provence.

“What a truly delightful collection Unaccustomed As I Am is. There is such pleasure in being in Brian Quinn’s company as he ranges thoughtfully, insightfully and often comically over subjects major and minor, from vivid childhood and student memories and pitch-perfect parodies of Hemingway and Shakespeare to short stories of real power and punch.”
Stephen Fry

See more here – available from all bookshops.

The Madman’s Gallery by Edward Brooke-Hitching

From the author of the bestseller The Madman’s Library (SundayTimes Literature Book of the Year 2020, Radio 4 Book of the Week) comes an extraordinary new illustrated collection. This unique exhibition gathers more than a hundred magnificent works, each chosen for their striking beauty, weirdness and captivating story behind their creation.

From prehistoric cave art to portraits painted by artificial intelligence, The Madman’s Gallery draws on a remarkable depth of research and variety of images to form a book that surprises at every turn, and ultimately serves to celebrate the endless power and creativity of human imagination.

Edward is from Kintbury. The book is available here for delivery or pick-up from Hungerford Bookshop.

Comedy Sci Fi Author Ruth Masters

The Truxxe Series: All Aliens Like Burgers, Do Aliens Read Sci-Fi?, When Aliens Play Trumps

 Ultimate Autograph Hunters, Extreme Autograph Hunters

Belisha Beacon, Tabitha Turner



Ruth lives between Newbury and Hungerford. Listen to our interview with her here from 21 minutes.

Last Hurrah by Robin Dawson

There are few more valuable commodities in the racing and gambling world than inside information. In a cracking first novel, Robin Dawson lifts the lid on some of racing’s shadiest practices, while still celebrating the beauty and spectacle of the turf. 

A gripping read, recommended to punters and railbirds everywhere.


The Doll’s House by Jean Maye

When Sienna is adopted by Inga and Matt Taylor, she is intrigued by the story of their daughter, Anika, who went missing a few years back. But who could have taken her? 

Or did Anika run away?

Discovering Anika’s doll’s house in a locked cupboard is the beginning of a mystery that Sienna feels compelled to solve.  


The Doll’s House is for children primarily aged between 6-11 years but easily has a window of one year below and above this age range. Interestingly, since being published, the book has attracted even a larger age range – including adults!


12 Classic Christmas Songs for Ukelele by Daniel Morriss

Perfect gift for the budding musician in your life by local music teacher & performer Daniel Morriss based in Kintbury.

Order here or even better ask your local bookshop to get it in for you.




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