Fuel Cell Systems Offgrid Energy Solutions

Station Yard, Hungerford, West Berkshire RG17 0DY

Fuel Cells Systems provide off-grid energy solutions for commercial use as well as for motorhomes and marine applications. We also design and build a range of hydrogen refuelling products for transport.

Fuel cells provide an all-weather solution to the need for ongoing, remote power. They are emission-free, quiet, have few moving parts and can operate for several weeks, or even months, without human intervention - delivering an environmentally sound and cost-effective product.

Additionally, fuel cells can communicate data on their own status, either integrated with the main data stream, or transmitted using Fuel Cell Systems’ StackWatch remote monitoring system.

We have also developed bespoke containers to ensure the fuel cells are protected and fully operational in even the most challenging of conditions, from filming wildlife in the north of Scotland to tracking ice flows in the Arctic.

Our hydrogen refuelling products have been utilised across a range of transport applications – we have provided refuelling for trains, planes and automobiles.

"The EFOY Comfort Fuel Cell is a great product. Best thing I ever bought for my motorhome. Great customer service too."
Ian McEwan

"Fuel Cell Systems have done a stand up job of helping the team out. The EFOY is an absolutely crucial bit of kit" 
Monkey Fist Adventures
Ocean Rowing

"Amazingly simple to use and efficient. I would never row across an ocean without it!"
Andrei Rosu
Atlantic Rowing Challenge


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