Doctor Who Audio Fan Series by Local Talent

17 year old Sebastian Brown from Hungerford made the most of 2020 by creating an impressive Doctor Who audio fan series on the Brown Productions YouTube Channel. And now he is excited to announce that Series Two will be available from Saturday 31 July.  

Sebastian reports:

I started work on a Doctor Who film in the summer of 2019 which would end up having a huge influence on the audio series that followed with many of the plot lines and ideas that I had introduced then coming up in the series. Series 1 Episode 1: The Bigrel Invasion aired on YouTube on 23 November 2020 and from that moment on my thoughts turned to series 2.

Coming back to do another series of my Doctor Who audio series, I knew had to up the stakes and use the new episodes to expand the characters and the world they inhabit. 

The series is made up of five episodes, The Orb of Rassilon, The Voyage to the Unknown, Scraps, The Parallel Invasion and The Last Farewell. All five episodes are connected in a series long arch rather than doing what we did last series and having each adventure be separate with a running theme. I felt this was needed as a change to the format of the series could help ensure that I was not retreading old ground.

The majority of the cast returned for the second series with Louise Gubbings and Lucas Hutchings reprising their roles as the companion’s Jenny and Don. 

With Tom May leaving the series in the role of the Doctor, I looked for a few replacements to no avail so I ended up playing the part myself.

Series Two was always going to be the last one I made so I knew I would be working towards a grand final episode, whilst the series would all be following the same Cybermen. I felt they would be the best choice as they are, not only two of the oldest villains on the show, they are both really interesting concepts and fun to write stories around.

Tom Strachan-Jago took the role of the Master after sending in a recording of a monologue that is delivered in the opening episode, The Orb of Rassilon.



The new series will start on Saturday 31 July with an episode coming out at 17:30pm every Saturday until the 28 August. It is available to watch on the Brown Productions YouTube Channel.


For more details, please contact:

Sebastian Brown on 


Philip Brown on 07779581640

Sebastian Brown

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