What to do with leftover Christmas Pud!

We always have leftover Christmas pudding and some that doesn’t even get opened. So here are some ideas we’ve come up wth for using it up!  For other Christmas leftovers recipes please click here. If you have more ideas please comment below.

Mini Christmas Pudding Truffles

We mixed our Christmas pud with melted milk chocolate, rolled it into small balls and then drizzled them with white chocolate melted with a splash of milk to make it runnier. See photo above.

The biggest challenge was making the miniature holly as we couldn’t find red and green glace cherries in the supermarket. We tried wine gums but the colours weren’t strong enough.

Luckily Brian had the inspiration of using raspberry bobbles (what is a single segment of a berry called??) and mint leaves and they worked perfectly.

Christmas Quesadilla

I came up with this recipe while making savoury tortillas for our kids one day. It sounds unusual but it is surprisingly delicious and a good way to use up leftover Christmas pudding (or mincemeat). 

It is inspired by the traditional combination of fruit cake and cheese. We use cheddar but Wensleydale is the recommended cheese served with fruit cake in Yorkshire so might be worth trying as well. The result tastes like rich garibaldi biscuits.


1. Melt a knob of butter in a frying pan.

2. Place a tortilla in the pan and sprinkle half with leftover Christmas pudding or cake or mincemeat.

3. Cover with grated cheese (eg cheddar or Wensleydale)

4. When the cheese starts to melt, fold the tortilla in half and press down firmly (alternatively you can cover the whole tortilla with the filling and place a second tortilla on top of it – see video below).

5. Flip the tortilla until it is golden on both sides.

6. Slide onto a plate and cut into pieces (we use scissors).

Wait a few minutes before serving as the filling stays very hot!


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