Stamp-loving Monarchs

Among the many monarchs who have found pleasure and relaxation in the hobby of stamp collecting was King George V of England, who began collecting when a young man in the Navy, and who adhered to the hobby with tremendous enthusiasm throughout his life, amassing the finest collection of British Empire stamps ever assembled. This is the famous Royal Collection now owned by the King’s granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

In his autobiography of the great art dealer, Lord Duveen, S.W. Behrman tells how Duveen’s Uncle Henry (also a Duveen, and a noted London art dealer) formed a close friendship with King George V at a young age, as a result of their mutual interest in stamps. The author relates how at ten in the evening Uncle Henry Duveen would go along to Buckingham Palace and sit with the King to study their stamps for hours, while Queen Mary embroidered.

On some occasions they were joined by the King’s cousin, Czar Nicholas, another keen philatelist (who later was to lose both his life and his stamps in the Russian revolution). Their portraits appear on many postage stamps and it is difficult to distinguish between the two men.

Can you pick who’s who from the photo above?

The uniforms may have fooled you but the royal cousins swapped them for this photo shoot!

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