NAWT Berkshire prevents CAT-astrophe at CALA Homes development

When a beautiful little tortie cat became a regular visitor at CALA Homes’ Fullers Meadow development in Wantage, the work men began to get worried. They had hoped she was a roaming cat. Upon arriving at work one day, a builder was shocked to discover the little cat had given birth to six kittens in the bathroom of one of the unfinished properties. The new mum had found the quiet space of a shower tray to have her babies. Senior site manager Danny Chivers immediately contacted local rescues for help. As no other rescues were able to help, National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) Berkshire at Trindledown Farm in Great Shefford offered assistance.

Animal Care Leader, Natasha, drove to the site and carefully collected mum and the one-day old kittens. The young mum was not chipped and when advertised as lost, sadly no family was forthcoming.

NAWT Berkshire decided to name the little cat Cala after her heroes at CALA Homes. She’s now relaxing in her own space with a warm radiator, snuggly bedding and three regular meals a day. She has been microchipped, spayed and flea’d. She has found a lovely new family and will be going to a wonderful forever home very soon.

Meanwhile the kittens are healthy and exploring their new space enthusiastically. First they will need neutering, vaccinating and have flea and worm treatments. Until then the six kittens have names inspired by their bathroom origins; Armitage, Shanks, Triton, Looloo, Harpic and Loofah.

Cala and her kittens will create just under £2,000 in vets bills before they are find their forever homes.

Younger animals come with increased vet’s bills, they also eat more and make more mess in their rooms. NAWT Berkshire was the first UK rescue built for the care of elderly animals, but when no other rescues had the space to help, we were able to make an exception. The online fans of the rescue recently supported a different family of kittens and watched regular live streaming of the Covid Kittens back in May.

The rescue have set up a JustGiving fundraising page to help towards the unexpected vets bills. CALA Homes were the first to kick start the fundraising, with a donation towards the kittens care.

Danny Chivers at CALA Homes Chiltern, said: “It’s not every day that you go to work to find a cat with a new litter of kittens on site – so it did come as quite a shock. We’re delighted that Cala and her kittens were taken in by NAWT Berkshire and are on their way to finding their forever homes, and that we could help by kick-starting the fundraising, to ensure all the kittens get the best start in life.”

How You Can Help

NAWT Berkshire would appreciate any amount you can contribute to the care of these animals.

Please consider donating what you can to


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