Ideas For Using Up Your Apples

Did you know that the majority of garden fruit goes to waste and millions of apples are thrown away everyday in the UK? Food waste is already a big issue in this country with households wasting 4.5m tonnes of food each year, therefore more needs to be done.

Here are just a few of the great ways you can use up your apples:

  1. Make some lovely sweet and savoury dishes with your apples (see recipes below)
  2. Toffee apples are very difficult to make so we just make a caramel sauce to dip apple slices into. It’s called ‘the silencer’ in our house as the dining table goes very quiet as people tuck in.
  3. If you have a juicer at home, apple, carrot (and ginger) juice is deee-licious. And keeps well in the freezer.
  4. If you are feeling ambitious you can try to make your own cider.
  5. Compost your unripe or damaged windfalls
  6. Take your apples to My Apple Juice to be juiced, pasteurised and bottled with a bespoke label. If you have lots of juice, I recommend reducing some of it into syrup…
  7. Put boxes of apples on the street and invite neighbours to help themselves.
  8. Proper storage is crucial so your harvest doesn’t rot before you have a chance to use it.
  9. If you have wrinkly or damaged apples that you don’t fancy eating, the birds and insects in your garden will be glad of them. 

Apple Recipes

German Apple Cake Recipe

Thanks to Sara Jones in Lambourn for sending in this easy apple cake recipe which has been handed down by her German grandmother.  Sara’s grandmother is now 97 years old

Spicy Apple Chutney

Thanks to Catherine Hill for this handy recipe that uses up a lot of apples and is totally delicious and very flexible (ie you don’t have to measure the quantities).

Almond Apple Tart

Almonds are one of my favourite ingredients, whether straight from the shell, roasted, sweetened, spiced or grounded. If you could associate foods with emotions I would link almonds with love and romance:

Pork, Apple & Cider Casserole

This recipe is perfect for a winter’s day, my favourite being the official Chieveley Snow day. It’s been a couple of years since the last official day, but it still

Apple, Mincemeat & Marzipan Pie

I love mincemeat and I look for any excuse to enjoy it during the year. You might even have some still in the fridge left over from Christmas! Ingredients (Serves


2 Responses

  1. Following on from the excellent article ‘what to do with spare apples’, grateful thanks must be given to the villagers of Inkpen who put out boxes of free windfall apples and other fruit they have in abundance. For the many villagers who do not have fruit trees in their gardens, this is truly appreciated.

    It seems the obvious answer to a surfeit of anything – put it on the roadside with a notice ‘FREE’ and it’ll go!

    Does this happen in other villages?

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