How to Enjoy a Safe and Eco-Friendly Halloween in 2020

As with many things this year our usual Halloween traditions will need to be rethought (see safety tips below) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please see our Penny Post October Halfterm 2020 Guide for fun ideas for enjoying a safe Halloween.

Eco-friendly Halloween Tips

The scary thing about Halloween is the waste. The Fairyland Trust has surveyed how many plastic fancy costumes are bought and thrown away after one use – truly scary. They have some great ideas for making plastic-free costumes.

And to avoid creating food waste, please use up your pumpkin when you stop displaying it. Here are some great recipe ideas!

Sweets mean wrappers – so what about baking cupcakes instead? (And talking of sweets, here are some tips from Lambourn Valley Dental on how to protect your teeth from the Halloween hit of sugar…)

See here for more green Halloween ideas including homemade decorations and costumes


Safety Advice

The PPP (Public Protection Partnership) are advising families to rethink the tradition of ‘trick and treat’ where you’d normally be knocking on doors and receiving a treat of sweets or similar on Halloween. 

The PPP have supplied this flyer for households to print and put on their door to discourage trick or treaters.

(Right click on the image to save onto your computer).


Instead families can get involved in many of the local ‘pumpkin’ trails where you go out as a family (all dressed up to scare) and look out for houses with Halloween decorations and pumpkins. Each time you see a pumpkin, you give your own child a treat from the supply you’ve taken along. That way your child still has all the fun and treats associated with Halloween, whilst remaining safe and protecting others.

During the current COVID pandemic it’s not advisable to be knocking on multiple doors, and taking treats from bowls that many little hands have already touched. This is for the benefit of not only you and your family but the members of the households you might normally have called upon.

Equally you might want to create a Halloween themed family scavenger hunt in your own home or garden.

If you are out and about, or planning activities at home, please remember the rule of 6 and not to gather in groups of more than 6 people (including children). Also remember social distancing on a night which might be busier than normal on the pavements.

Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic is one that’s likely not to be forgotten. So get creative in how you celebrate with your children in a way that protects both your family and others.





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