Safety Tips for Fireworks and Bonfire Night 2020

For better or worse, bonfire night celebrations will be a bit different this year.

Lockdown 2 has put paid to any private or public bonfire parties but here are some things to remember even if you are having a bonfire or fireworks at home in your own bubble.

If you want to consider alternatives to fireworks this year, why not enjoy star gazing (see guide to the October Night Sky or download an app), Owls by Moonlight at the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover or Longleat’s Land of Light which starts 7 Nov

The Public Protection Partnership are asking residents if they are holding their own bonfire night celebrations during the period around bonfire night then please discuss your plans with your neighbours (especially if they have pets or livestock) and follow these guidelines:


  • Please make sure your bonfire is hedgehog safe
  • Make sure your bonfire wood is dry as burning damp materials will cause excess smoke
  • Make sure you are not burning pollutants such as plastics
  • Follow guidance from Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue service regarding taking precautions so your bonfire doesn’t get out of control and put excess pressure on emergency services


  • For the law about who can buy fireworks and when they can be set off see link here from Thames Valley Police.
  • Every year despite annual safety warnings, firework celebrations still end in painful injuries for too many people, including very young children. Firework safety guidelines see here.
  • For firework safety and burns advice see these first aid tips from Worsley Training
  • Buy fireworks labelled ‘low noise/silent’ to avoid stressing local pets and animals. See tips here on protecting frightened pets.
  • If you’ve a pet who gets distressed during the firework ‘season’ see link here from PPP Animal Warden team
  • Do not let off fireworks in public places such as a park or your street
  • If you are setting off fireworks in your garden make sure your fireworks are appropriate for the size of your garden and follow the safety instructions and firework code.

If fireworks are being used in a public place, or in a dangerous way, or been let off after later than they are allowed (see above for details)  then please call the police on 101 for Non-Emergencies or 999 for Emergencies.


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