Unusual Atmos Clock that is wound by change in temperature

The Atmos clock is the brand name for a clock make by Jaeger-LeCoutre, a Swiss manufacturer who have cornered the market in clocks wound by changes in temperature.

To be exact, the clock has a mainspring which is acted on by a bellow system and capsule which is filled with ethyl chloride which vaporises as the temperature rises in an expansion chamber, which in turn compresses a coiled spring causing it to wind the mainspring.

A temperature change of only one degree is enough for the clock to be wound for two days.

Because of this, the clock uses a torsion pendulum which rotates a half turn per minute taking exactly one minute to return to the position it started at.

The first of these clocks were invented in the early 17th Century and were wound by changes in barometric pressure.

This fine example comes with a three-year guarantee and is fully restored and checked.

Please call Chris at The Clockmaker in Hungerford on 01488 682277 for further details.


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