Behind the Scenes of Blue Pearl with Nick Lumley

After months of lockdown, it was great to flex the acting muscles again and have a role to play (aside from that of Constable of the Town and Manor, of course). Given that nearly the whole entertainment business has ground to a halt, goodness knows when a similar opportunity will arise again.

This unusual project came about when two scriptwriters, Michael Doherty and Mark Thomas, wrote a play to be performed in the old court room  Salisbury Town Hall. It was intended to be for a live audience who would form the jury in a trial: the defendants were eight corporate giants who are accused of poisoning the Earth, or as it is called ‘Blue Pearl’. However, the judge (Lynda Rooke)  decides that there is no case to answer unless both sides can produce the witnesses involved. S,o Blue Pearl is summonsed by the prosecution and The Man in the Moon is summonsed by the defence to prove that it is possible to settle on other planets.

It is fanciful concept, and I was delighted to be cast as the defence barrister.

When Covid came along we had to rehearse for two months on Zoom. We finally met up in Marlborough Town Hall to do the filming. Under the direction of Bash Malik, we filmed an unbelievable 70 pages of script in three days: normally five a day is considered good going. The editing – which will include adding in Toyah Wilcox performing the soundtrack – will take several months so I hope it will be broadcast some time next year. As soon as I know when and where. I’ll let you know.


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