Into the Light Home Healing with Emma Loveheart

I am a home healer and I make homes happier! I have the ability to tap into spiritual and universal energy to work specifically with energy in a home, plus the people within it. This skill came to me several years ago and has allowed me to help change people’s lives around the globe.

I clear away psychic, geopathic and electro-magnetic stresses in your home so that only positive energy is left.

I listen to your experiences of stresses in your home. There may be areas of your home you don’t feel comfortable in, or tension within relationships.

Please contact me to arrange a free energy report and overall vitality reading of your home.


"Thank you Emma Loveheart for the wonderful work you did. I am not sure how it all works but only know that we are a much calmer, peaceful and happier household, which is all I need to know."

"Thank you so much for being so kind and quick to rescue us. My son and I arrived home this evening and for the first time he walked straight through the front door without hesitating. I also feel calmer and warmer and my son has started eating properly."

"My husband was at my Mum’s house yesterday when you were doing the clearing. I didn’t tell him what you were doing but he commented that it felt calmer and lighter in my Mum's flat….how bizarre is that!"

“Since you cleared our house we have managed to clear out so much clutter and clothes."

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