Direct Solar Energy Cooking

In the recent heatwave we decided to test how much we could cook directly from the heat of the sun.

We placed some pans on the scorching slabs of our garden path. They weren’t quite hot enough to fry an egg but the water in the dark enamel pot reached a temperature of 46 degrees. 

We tried pasta first. It went soft and was edible but tasted like raw flour as if it had just dissolved rather than actually cooked. So next we tried split red lentils.

The lentils didn’t cook either but amazingly they started to sprout! According to this recipe sprouted lentils are:

  • easier to digest causing less gas and making it easier for your body to digest the vitamins and minerals 
  • the germination process increases the amounts of vitamins and minerals in the lentils such as carotene and vitamins B and C.
  • full of living enzymes which are very healthy.
  • great eaten raw which saves on cooking energy or can be used as ingredient in soups etc 

Sundried tomatoes also worked well. For the full explanation of how to make them see here:

See here for ideas on how to cook using a proper solar oven, not just the hot slabs of your garden path!


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